(pic snapped by lulu at the pumpkin patch with my good camera.
I was feeling a little reckless. But she looooooved it.)

Do you click on all of the links on Megan's sidebar when you visit her and her awesomeness? You should. Each and every link is beautiful, thought provoking, funny or all and all amazing.
Anyway, I just read this post from the amazing and talented Ashley Ann.
It made me think about a conversation I had with my sister in law who is also the one behind the camera.

She made this profound observation as we were sorting through photos to give to my parents for Christmas:

"I'm afraid that my kids will wonder were I was when they look through their childhood scrapbooks."

I wonder too.

That makes me really, really sad. So I am going to make a change....

Are you with me?

I hope so.

I am in my new house.
With my new internet.
Sorry for the delay....
but are you wondering who the winner
of the fabulous Doodle Bugs Paper gift certificate is?

Should I pick myself to get change of address cards?
Would that me sort of shady?

Is it you?
Or was I shady?

Off to unpack dozens and zillions of boxes.


  1. i am never in any pictures too. I noticed that this week, too. Yes, my children do have a mother. I need to leave a little evidence of that, right? Congrats on the new home. What a wonderful and stressful time. Enjoy!

  2. You are right! Get out from behind the camera, get in the mix!
    You are always photogenic!!
    Congrats on being in your new home :) Can't wait to see your "studio"!!

  3. that totally hit home. i am always the one behind the camera & am not in many pictures with the girls. I get so annoyed at my husband because he doesn't know how to use my camera & all the pics he takes of me & the girls are blurry or out of focus so I delete them. Looks like I need to get over that or teach him how to use the camera. Thanks for posting that.

  4. I once told my husband that if anything ever happened to me I don't know that our boys would be able to figure out what I looked like. Ever since then he's been a lot better about taking pictures with me in them! We just got back from a wonderful trip to Disneyland and took full advantage of the PhotoPass photographers to make sure I was in some of those fun pictures. I need one of those guys to come with us everywhere!
    And yes I love the links on Megan's blog! I just caught up on them this evening. :) Congratulations on being home! Now those are pictures I can't wait to see!

  5. SCORE! I have never won a giveaway before! I thought something was wrong when I clicked on the link and my blog popped up! My email is abbyjoy@gmail.com... thanks!

  6. mmm i definitely DO click on all of meg's links. they are so yummy all the time. they are definitely a pick me up when i need something beautiful to look at.

    i try to get in as many pictures as i can, but it's hard when you're the only one picking up the camera.

  7. I'm with you. Luckily at most holidays there are other family members with cameras and so MAYBE I'll get in a picture or two. The worst is when I've realized I haven't gotten any pictures of me and my boys on Mother's Day, my Birthday or something special.

  8. This is the first time I've commented... I have really enjoyed reading your blog over the past few months! This post is SO true.. my husband pointed it out awhile back as well. Love your blog and all your craftiness!

  9. I recently decided that I'm going to make an effort to be in more pics, too. I just posted about it this past week. For me it has to do with being to critical of myself, but I have decided to change all that! I think all us mommies need to help each other out and encourage each other to get over our "issues" and be in the pictures more.

    P.S. Love your photo and your glasses! :)

  10. Cute mama! And yes, I had this very thought recently - about my kids having no idea what I looked like when they were little. Thanks for the kick in the pants :)

  11. Same here, I'm never in the pics BUT I changed that this summer. I don't have a super duper camera, just a point and shoot and this summer, when the kids and I were doing TONS of fun stuff, I started handing off the camera to them and they would take turns snapping shots of mom :)

  12. YEA that your in your new house!! And actually I am impressed with how fast you got your new internet set up. Go you!!! I hear ya on the photo things. I have been trying to be better at that too. I am going to take this challenge upon myself also.

  13. love your blog have been enjoying reading it in all its awesomeness! Congrats on the house missy!- Sarahlynn

  14. I took up photography because I hate to have my photo taken. This is not fair to those who love us so I will change...soon!

  15. I have gotten very good at the arm-extended pictures of our faces... so I feel ya'. Congrats with the move! I hope the kids adjust well. :)

  16. My kids take pics of me and are now pretty good at it! Love this pic of you!

  17. Cute glasses!! I'm never in the pictures either, and when we were at thepumpkin patch a few weeks ago Tony made me take a picture - so weird being on the other side!

    YAY for new house and new internet!! Thinking of you guys!

  18. thank you julie. :)

    i am thinking of you so much this week!

  19. I have just recently tried to include myself in more pictures because in May my Mom turned 50 and I was putting together a picture slideshow of her life and had the hardest time finding pictures of her with us kids. She was always worried about her weight and what-not but I would just love pictures of us together. She will always be beautiful to me. So I have made an effort to get in more pictures. Thanks for sharing that touching post! And Hooray! for getting into your new place!

  20. thats is something that i have decided to make an effort at. who cares if i'd like to loose 10 pds. who cares if i'm not that nuts about the shot. i'm there mom, and thats me, its who i am. and i want them to be able to look at them someday. and see ME too.

  21. ok. you have the nicest teeth i've ever seen! hands down. xo

  22. oh, i am so guilty of this. i think it's because i'm in my sweats most days with no makeup on. i really need to get over that, or try and make an effort to get ready in the morning! it makes me really sad to think that there are really ony a few pictures of her and i together. i'm going to try and make a change too. it's time. xoxo

  23. no kidding...my sister and I do a fairly good job of photographing each other with our kids when we're around, but that isn't always the case...wish DH was a bit more proactive with the camera...hmmm...maybe I should tell him that?