I didn't realize how many people
I DIDN'T tell that we were even thinking
about moving until I wrote yesterday's post.
So very sorry.

It has all happened so fast...
The rumors,
the speculation!!!
"Jason and Julie are MOVING!!!!!"
My inbox was filled with people
freaking out and super curious.

So, where are we off to?





Should I be mean and keep it a secret?

That sounds fun and exciting!!!

But I am nice.
We're moving down the street,
and yes,
it has a glorious, magnificent, dreamy
craft room.

So, with each box I pack,
each time I freak out about the to do list,
or the fact that we might not be able to move
in for months and months,
(it is a short sale, which is usually anything but short)
I just think about that room.

It makes it all worth it.


  1. YAY! So excited for you guys!! If you were even thinking about moving to Arizona I would have to tell you to run in the opposite direction! It is WAY too miserable for comfort here! :)

    Best of luck and I hope it goes quicker than you can imagine!!

  2. Congrats on a craft room!!! I hope it stays so much cleaner than mine LOL!

  3. Florida is nice, but it is way too hot here. Glad your move will be at least a bit easier now that you're only moving down the street. Good Luck!!

  4. So happy you'll have your craft room. Wish it was in Florida.

  5. I think you should at least come to Kansas... for a visit...

  6. I bet your craft room will be one FABULOUS room that we will all see in some magazine :)

  7. Personally I think you guys should move to the Bay Area.... ; )

  8. When I saw Kauai I got so jealous and then immediately thought of what a pain it would be to move to an island! Then I kept reading, LOL!

    That is very exciting that you are moving to a new home. We moved into this house almost 5 years ago and it's only about 7 minutes from our old house. Still, moving is not something I ever wish to do again.

    Good luck and have fun in that new craft room!

  9. That's awesome that you will get your craft room!! We are redoing our whole basement with a room fit to be a craft room but I had to tell Ryan that the basement was all his and I wanted nothing to do with it so he is turning the could be should be craft room into a video game room :( Oh well I can live vicariously through yours :)


  10. oh man i almost died when you had kansas.
    then i thought why wouldn't she tell me?!

    i am so excited for you julie. think of all the goodies you can buy at the craft fair for your new house! :)

  11. Congratulations on the new house on the new craft room!!! I can not wait to see what wonderful craftyness comes out of there.
    We recently moved just "down the street" from our old house too!

  12. My vote would have gone to Arizona, but I guess down the street will be a lot easier. I'm glad to hear you're getting into a new house, especially since it will have a craft room for you. There will be lots of pictures of said craft room in the future, right?

  13. Yay for new craft rooms!!!You know that we are all going to want to see it right? I mean you really are gonna have to post lots of yummy pictures of your new space so that we can all be insanely jealous.

  14. Yay, how excited you must be to get a craft room!

    I left something for you on my blog. Go check it out!

  15. Congratulations! You deserve that craft room! And have fun packing ;) Our whole garage is still full of boxes.

  16. My vote is for Colorado!! It will bring you back to your youth..hheeh! I remember your prom stories...right? But I am happy for you to have a craft room! I will live vicariously through yours!!

  17. praying for your short sale, we have been waiting on ours FOR-EVER... its hard... but I just pray that in the end it happens and we both get our craft rooms

    don't expect word for weeks, if you do it makes it harder. I promise...

    just my advice so far...
    we are 9 weeks in with no escrow..

    if you can wait, you can do it.. at least thats what everyone tells me.

  18. hooray congrats! Can't wait to see your awesome new for realsies not just fake craft room. so excited for you!

  19. Ha! I knew it wasn't AZ! Here's hoping the short sale won't take forever :)

  20. we just moved down the street, too! =)

    can't wait to peek at your craft room when its done!

  21. Ohhh boy!!
    I hope and pray that your short sale goes smoothly, we sold our house last May (2008) as a short sale and to be honest had I not called everyday(exept for the weekends) in would not have gone so smoothly. Seriously I called our morgage company and tried every day to make it known I would be calling back as soon as I was able until they would answer our questions and take care of our problems. Due to my diligency we had a contract in Feb and finalized the may. I have freinds who are on the other end(their the buyers) and they put their offer in , in Janurary and the still haven't heard anything back yet, Yep thats 8 months later.I don't have that kind of patcience(hince the calling everyday). Our realtor said she'd never had a short sale go so smoothly and so fast.
    Basically you need to contact their realtor and let him know that persistance counts or sit back and wait until you know what the negotiator has to say, before you start packing up.
    Congrats all the same! Good luck.