Over the next few weeks there will be quite a lot of this
around here.

But unfortunately, ice cream will not be made.
As much as I wish the contents of this box were
mine,but it is from Freecycle.
It was empty and it came with dozens more.
What is with all of these empty boxes?

We {bought} a house.

Sometime in the next few months we will be moving.
Something I never thought would happen.
So as we prepare to list our current home I am packing like a crazy person.
Most likely we will sell this house before the new house is ready.
(I am trying not to freak out about that fact.)
I am looking at is as a perfect opportunity to simplify, keep only the bare necessities and put the rest in storage.
But a girl can only do so much packing,
without going a wee bit crazy.

So I pack for 45 minutes,
Then craft for 15 minutes.

Those 15 minutes give me the energy to attack another box.
To fill another bag for Freecycle.

What am I working on in those 15 minutes?
Three of them.

One for me.

One for Lulu.

One for Janey.

Because I am trying to convince myself that houses with beautiful
quilts in the bedrooms sell for exponentially more than those without.
Any realtors out there that can back me up?


  1. How exciting!! Congrats! Is there a craft room in the new house??

  2. congrats...i hope to (very soon) be in your shoes...packing then crafting then packing then crafting...it is a wild adventure...packing with little ones in the house...good luck...and keep the inspiration coming...who knows maybe your dream craft room will somewhere appear in that new home!! :)

  3. Hooray for new adventures!

    Good luck with all the packing... and quilting. The fabrics are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the finished products!

    P.S I'm no realtor, but I'd say your quilts will probably be a HUGE selling factor- but watch out, the buyers may want to include them in the house deal :)

  4. I'm not a Realtor, but I would definitely buy a house with one of your quilts on the beds! :D

  5. How very exciting and nerve wracking and wonderful and stressful :). It's a mix of emotions that I'm sure will only build as the days draw closers. In our 12 years of marriage we've had 3 brand new homes (2 we built ourselves) and several moves, sometimes into an apartment while the house was being finished. It's all so worth it on moving in day :).

    Enjoy ... and I totally agree about the quilts. I'm so impressed with you!!

    Happy Day!

  6. Yea! Congrats! Wish I could come buy your house...we LOVE your park :). Have fun packing....and crafting!!!

  7. Congratulations, Julie! And those quilts are going to be just as amazing, if not more so, than your first quilt. Such treasures, just like your little sweet peas!:) Lori

  8. Congrats Julie! Is this the house with the big craft room? Yay for you - so exciting!!!

  9. Congrats!
    Realtors always tell you to remove everything personal from your house, so that the buyers can see themselves in your house. I have always been drawn to a home that looks like the family living there is happy. Drawings all over the kitchen, etc really do it for me.
    I think quilts that Mom made would seem so inviting.
    Good luck!!!

  10. Yay!!
    Is there a craft room in the new house?

  11. Yay!!
    Is there a craft room in the new house?

  12. I also agree that the quilts make your home seem cozy and invited. Yes, it is a personal item, but it is also a personal item that almost anyone can relate to.

    Most people want to be warm when they are cold. Most people want to be cozy. Most people want to be comfortable.

    And having those quilts out makes them imagine themselves doing just that.

    Good luck with everything!

  13. Congrats on the new house!!! Packing sucks! I just moved a year ago and it was hard(especially 6 months pregnant)

  14. Those quilts are going to AMAZING....because your fabric choices are AMAZING. I can't wait to see them!

  15. Congratulations on your move! And good luck with the packing!!

  16. I'm not a realtor, but I think you're right. Congrats and good luck selling!

  17. Wow, how exciting and scary at the same time!

    Good luck with everything!

  18. Those fabrics are fabulous! I cannot wait to see those quilts. Congrats on buying a new house too!

  19. Congrats! Ok, details....or is that for future posts? Are you getting your dream craft room?
    BTW, love the mermaid fabric. I just bought a yard of it for a dress for my little niece. :)

  20. Oh, how exciting! I'm in the process of packing to move too... I'm 100% positive I don't have near as much stuff as you probably do with kids!

    Love those fabrics.

    The polka dots (pink with white dots) in that one picture, which fabric is that? Is it one of the Ta Dot fabrics by Michael Miller? I would really really love to know!

  21. First, congratulations!

    And I second the request for fabric details - where do you buy your fabrics?

  22. Just found you and love your sense of humor!
    I grabbed your button to add to my marquee.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    If ya havea chance to take a peek at my blog, please leave me a comment on a post to let me know you were there.

    I'll be back :o)

  23. Moving is exciting. It's a great idea to keep sewing while packing. I think new quilts will help sell your house.

  24. wow! congratulations!
    the quilt bug has really bitten you, eh?
    I am not a realtor but I will say when we were looking at a house there was a beautiful quilt in each room and so that's what I looked at instead of the room and hubby?
    "stop looking at the quilt Kel--they're not coming with the house!"

    well--we didn't buy that house but I might have if the quilts came with it ;)

    Are you doing the same pattern as last?

    you need to see this book


    I just got it from the library and now I'm putting it on my christmas list!

  25. I WANT JANEY'S QUILT!!! Yesterday I bought the top fabric for a quilt for myself and just wondered what to put with it. Which other fabrics are there in that pile? I'd love to know. Are you using the same pattern again?

    Can't wait to hear about your new adventures in the new home!! Is it being built right now? You'll have to post some pics of it ..like the outside! Are you going to "get a room" for you to be only crafty in? Crossing my fingers you do!! :)

  26. those fabrics have me smiling...beautiful...

    how exciting to be preparing for a new home! Wonder where you are relocating? or is it somewhere close to home?

    hope the packing goes well :)



  27. Love the new fabric! I think a house with beautiful quilts would sell...I agree. But they may ask to keep the quilts ;)

  28. totally with you there - love it! congrats & hope your move goes wonderfully well!

  29. A great big Congratulations on your home purchase. :o) Your fabrics are beautiful! It is a shame I don't live closer. I actually like to pack. I know, strange. :o)
    Have a great day!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  30. Yay!!! Congrats! Your new house is not in Kansas is it? Darn.

    When you and Heather come here, I want to meet you.

  31. Love the fabric choices of your quilts - they are going to be amazing I am sure. Wish I could help you with the moving - I actually enjoy packing and unpacking - its the orginzer in me that loves it. - Crazy eh?

  32. So, so excited for you guys! Your fabric is *such* eye candy! When we moved we got all of our boxes for free from Safeway! We just asked the produce manager not to packdown the fruit boxes, and they'd be ready for us every morning around 9:00. After getting free boxes everyday for a week we had enough to pack our entire four-bedroom house! Just a little tip!

  33. Congratulations on your new home! (and happy sorting and packing)

  34. Congrats! I hate moving, but I love the fresh new feeling it has once you are done, I moved when I was nine months preggers with my daughter, let me say that was HARD. Actually it was better, I was using the baby as an excuse to sit on the porch and supervise! Ha, are you still going to live in the OC, I hope it all goes soothly for you! and yes the quilts will help you sell, promise!

  35. working/crafting in intervals is a super idea! sometimes i force myself to clean the house that way.
    the quilt fabrics are lovely.
    quick Questions..
    what size beds are the quilts for, and approx. how much fabric might one need for a quilt?

  36. Congrats Julie! I am so happy for you... minus that packing though. That is the WORST but I bet you will be super organized and have everything under control! Good luck with the sale of your old one :) PS Those quilts are going to be FABULOUS! Love the fabrics... I so WANT your fabric collecion. So jealous!!

  37. Hi, I love the fabric that you picked for your quilts, where did you buy it?

  38. We are in the process of moving right now. Actually, we're living in a hotel (not as fun as it seems) while we try to find a place to buy. We went from Oceanside to Colorado. Ack! Definitely looking forward to turning the basement into a craft room and trying some of the things you've posted. =)

  39. super cute quilt fabric and good luck with your move!! freecycle is the best for moving supplies like boxes and bubble wrap!! fondly, marylea (aka pink and green mama) can't wait to see photos of the new craft room!!

  40. Sorry that this is way off subject, but where do you buy your fabric? I would love to know!

  41. Hope your move goes well...

    Where do you get all that great fabric?