I have been intrigued by the wardrobe refashioning movement.
Add in the major de-junking that I have been doing room by room in my house and I suddenly have a high percentage of my wardrobe that could use some refashioning.
Way too many times in the last few days, I have asked myself "now why did I think I looked cute in that???" and bags upon bags have been plopped on my porch to be enjoyed by happy Freecyclers.

In the midst of all that cleaning I did set aside
a box specifically for future refashions.

Meet refashion #1
-Simple white hand me down sun hat.
Very useful. Very plain.

-Three "quitter" bathing suits.
(in my crazy vocab a quitter is anything where the elastic has quit being elastic-y)

All it took was a show on the DVR,
some scissors,
a needle and thread...
to make Janey a new {to her} hat.


  1. Why are you so creative? I LOVE it!!!

  2. That turned out very well! And it seems like something that will be put to good use, especially since there are sensitive baby noggins to protect. :-)

  3. Wow, you are very crafty, that would have never crossed my mind!

  4. ah! you're a genius! i just threw away that same polka dot bathing suit a couple days ago because it was a quitter!

  5. We so need to live closer to each other :)!!!! You have the best ideas for upcycling anything. And it also helps that your models are too cute, can't wait to have one of my own!!! Have a awesome day!!!
    ~Molly P

  6. This is adorable and just the idea I needed! Thanks!

  7. I'm loving this refashioning movement too. I also have a stack of future projects...now I just need to get going on them! :) Thanks for sharing the cute hat.

  8. I feel a tutorial is in order! So cute!


  9. What a cute re-do of the hat. I love the little flower and the tule!

  10. Great job! Love the hat!
    Jamie Harris

  11. LOVE IT!!

    Can't wait for you to come swimming at Casey's so we can all see it.

  12. How funny, I have been enjoying your blog lately and I think I totally picked up something from you from freecycle awhile back. What a small small world.

    Love what you did to this hat, so so cute... love all your projects too.

  13. Kayla has that same BIKINI...now I have an idea of what to do when she outgrows it..wink

  14. Quitter!! That's my word, too!
    I just found you {thanks to Kelly @ Fabulous K} but I love you already.