grown up feet...
not cute.
chunky baby feet...
on a bright happy quilt...
crazy cute.

when I heard the theme for I Heart Faces
this week was feet at first I thought
but that all changed with this happy picture.
the picture that I just ordered a 20 x 30 of.
to put in the craft room that I don't have.
but I can dream.
I never thought I would ever finish a quilt...
so maybe someday I will have that craft room.
until then I am always going to remember
Janey's tiny feet.


  1. oh that quilt is gorgeous! LOVE the feet too:)

  2. Recognize you from Drew B's blog from a while ago! Cute photo. Hope your craft room comes soon!

  3. Love you just need another sale to start a craft room fund!

  4. Love, love baby feet, and what a gorgeous quilt!! Great job!

  5. I don't know what you're talking about. I happen to have absolutely adorable feet. well... they don't beat out Janey's but they're pretty cute all the same--especially after a pedi!

  6. ahhhh....i can't wait to see the giant picture.
    show me when you get it.
    have haley take your pic....of your pic. :)

  7. Baby feet ARE the cutest! I just got to see my nephew's baby feet this evening. It made my whole week. :-)

  8. I could eat those feet up!!! LOL

  9. Nothing like baby feet! And that quilt? Stunningly happy!

  10. Seriously, tiny chunky baby feet really are the best! I would have to agree.

  11. Love those baby feet, too. So sweet. Gorgeous quilt.

    I am always dreaming of the craft room that I will have someday.


  12. Very cute. Gotta love chunky baby feet!

  13. OMG- that quilt keeps showing up and taunting me! It's gorgeous and the baby feet! Sooo cute!

    Thanks for the cost on the quilting too- not bad AT ALL! I was thinking in the $100's! So totally affordable! I'll be coming to you for their address when (not if) I make mine! :)

  14. That quilt is almost as beautiful as those little toes. I hope I can make the time someday to finish (who am I kidding...start) a quilt that cute! Congratulations!