Things I have learned about quilting:

1. I don't sew as straight of lines as I thought.
2. I'm totally cool with that.
3. I really need a new sewing machine.
4. Heather Bailey's Pop Garden is my current favorite fabric ever,
5. I've decided I want to be Heather Bailey.

My assistant has been so helpful and charming and
we are actually caught up with week three.
On top of that all... I haven't quit!!!

The strips are sewn, pressed and cut and I can't
wait for next week's instructions.
So far it has been much easier and quicker than I imagined.
I truly believe it isn't too late to jump in and catch up.
Imagining the finished yumminess is actually keeping me up at night.

If you are taking this on along with me, I would love to see your
progress and post all of ours together each week.
Basically I need some accountability, because this is about the time
that I get distracted and start another project.
This fabric is too stinking crazy cute for me to abandon.

Lulu is my quirky one.
Would you believe me if I told you she wore
these glasses to a graduation party?
Because she did.
The whole time.
Then she proceeded to ask every single person there
(90% whom she had never met before)
in her weird little Yoda voice "do you like my glasses?"
Who has a kid like that?
Who lets their kid do that?
We do.
Because we like cheap entertainment.

So, these are ugly. Super ugly. Super duper ugly.
But, I need a new pair of walking shoes and the tricky advertisements
are making me think that these are the ones for me.
Do they really work? Is it a scam?
Are the Skechers people sitting in their offices
laughing at the suckers who buy them?
Help me out...

Lastly, I ordered some infant stretchy headbands on Etsy.

(I will have a baby version of Pretty. Messy. flowers in the shop soon.)

After patiently waiting three weeks for them to arrive

I went to ask the seller when they might be shipped.

First I read the shop polices to make sure that they didn't use

snails to deliver their items when I came across this little tidbit:



Perfect. Because who doesn't have a huge need

in their life for witchy craft supplies?

Hundreds (or zero) of times a day I think to myself

"I sure wish there were more places where I could find witchy craft supplies."

Now I don't need to wonder.

Thanks Etsy. You have everything.


  1. That makes 2 of us who want to be Heather Bailey. I've been eyeballing lots of sites for a good deal on Pop Garden. Know of any?

  2. Seeing all that amazing fabric makes me want to jump in!!!

    (Side note: how much do you LOVE the Bumbo?! Man, my kiddo is just barely old enough to hold his head up in it and I can already tell it's going to be one of my best baby investments.)

  3. I am so with you on the Heather Bailey fabric!!!

    Okay...important question... what do you have the strips hanging on??? I need one! lol ;)

    I actually like those shoes. :)

    You inspired me to join the quilt along, so if you want to see my fabrics, you can visit my blog... . I am excited, but scared for the attaching part. The putting the top together part doesn't scare me... but I may need some encouragement when it comes to the actually putting it all together part! lol

  4. p.s. I think your daughter is hilarious, and I love that picture! ;) And also, is it just me or does Friday (the giveaway) seem like forever away! I am anxious! lol I want to win!!

  5. The quilt is looking great! Strip pieces are easy and fun to do, plus it goes really quick. I have so many little blanket quilts for my daughter. I know you will love it when it is finished and be hooked! I would love to jump in - but I have two dresses, quilt and a flower girl dress to finish - maybe I will just have to get the directions for this pattern.

    I hate to say it but those shoes are ugly - I think they were hit with the ugly stick.

  6. Sweet Julie! you always make my day! The girlies are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! and the quilt!!!...*swoon*...if only I could sew! :)

  7. I am so excited about your progress! And have finally starting making my cuts!

  8. That fabric really is delicious.

    Maybe they are having snails actually crochet the headbands....snails that they bewitched with their witchcraft.

    Gives you something to think about....

  9. Your work on the quilt looks beautiful.

    I have to double check my blocks so that they are square and take pictures. Will email pics and will update my blog too - wasn't I going to do that yesterday?

    Really appreciate the support.

  10. I've just recently found your blog and I'm in love! Your ideas are great and your children are precious! Quick question...where did you find (and who is it by?) the green fabric with blue dots? I've been looking all around for it after ordering some shorts made with it from a children's home show! I know you're swamped with lots of fun and creative talents, but if you get a second, I'd love to know.

  11. Following quilting, but can't make one until school is out the end of the month. Sketchers are good, but my favorite comfort shoe is RYKA (made by women for women). The cheapest place to get them is

    I have 4 pair (2 walking/fitness shoes, sandals and a pair of mary janes)...check them out...

    PS - I enjoy your blog!

  12. 1. Your quilt will be gorgeous! I can't wait to see it...please post pics when you are done!
    2.Love the glasses. Graduations are so boring!!! I am sure everyone sitting near you was grateful for the entertainment.
    3.When I 1st saw the shoe pic, I thought they were kids shoes. And I thought you were about to give us a great tutorial on how you painted them pink, Mod Podged them with fabric or hot glued flowers all over them or something! :)
    4. Yikes. I have no comment for that one.

  13. Oh I love that fabric too, can't wait to see it when it's all finished. And those glasses on your darling are hilarious and I love that you let her where them to the par-tay! You better be careful when e-mailing about the headbands, you don't want any voodoo coming your way, tee hee.

    Jamie :)

  14. I think your middle child and my middle child (who's name, oddly enough, is Carson) are a match made in quirky kid heaven.

    I love your quilt, even in it's pre-quilted stage. It's gonna be a knock-out!

  15. seriously giggling...the glasses and shoe combination are awesome... you are so fun!

    i can't wait to see the quilt.

  16. I love that quilt! You can go ahead and send it to me when you're done :)

    That's too funny about the etsy shop!

  17. Ugg I am so behind on the quilt along because I can't find any fabric I like in the stores. Guess I will have to suck it up and buy it off etsy and Hope the snails don't take to long to deliver... Got any suggestions on fabric store you like?

  18. I think I need to go check in on that quilt've inspired me!

    I can't wait to see Baby Messy Flowers!! I'm a bow fanatic!! Need a model??? (it would be my baby, not me...LOL)

    A previous commenter said something about the Bumbo...LOVE mine!!! Wish I had it for my first two kiddos! It's been amazing for my youngest two!


  19. I know what you mean about witchy craft supplies :) My surprised my husband with little tombstones on his groom's cake (we went cemetery hopping on our first date because we love cemeteries), and it's hard to find tombstones eleven months of the year. I finally found some at a model train shop.

  20. Your Fabrics are great. I am also doing the quilt along and have yet to finish sewing my stripes. I will finish by weeks end. : )

  21. Thanks for the tip on witch merchandise! I knew there was a reason I read your blog. Hehehe Actually I read it so I can drool over the lovely fabrics.
    Skip those shoes and get yourself a pair of live in California after all.

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  23. HA! My son had those same "doctors' glasses" and they cracked us up ...

    And thanks to YOU, yes you're the reason I was "in the know" about the Quilt Along, I'm playing along too. I posted on my Knitty Bitties blog about my progress so far. I'm a bit behind, but hope to catch up after my farmers' market on Saturday.

  24. Me too - Pop Garden, Heather Bailey - ALL OF IT! Love her stuff. It was hard to decide between Freshcut and PG, but I figured I still had time to make something out of PG in the future....Freshcut was about to be no more!

    Unfortunately, I am still lagging and will not be caught up for the start of week 4. I leave for Chicago tomorrow to visit my sis. Oh well, late nights next week sound good to me anyhow :-)

    I linked to your blog and Etsy shop in my post today. Got the messy flowers in the mail and I am in love with them!! Can't wait to share pics of the girls and the big day with you!!

  25. your quilt is going to be so beautiful.
    make me one too. :)

  26. Yes, you CAN find ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING on Etsy. A lot of the things are things you really don't want to buy on a craft website. Deep down though, I laugh and think it's awesome! Haha!

  27. I'm SOOOOO excited you're gonna do baby messy flowers!!!!! My Savannah is in dire need of one :)

  28. Hah!! This post makes me laugh! The glasses are priceless! We are all about cheap entertainment too. I loved it when my daughter wore her Dorothy shoes with her dress-up dress and a feather boa to the store. I loved it when my son wore his Star Wars costume everywhere we went.

    That Heather Bailey fabric is delcious!! Must get me some of that! And doncha just love that Bumbo??

    Had the Sketcher's in black in a similar style and they were comfy. Wore them out in fact.