Today I want you to meet my guest blogger
She sweetly offered to share her overall re-do, 
as well as recommend THE TEA to me.
While I am still working on forgiving her for the latter, 
I adore her simple embelishments, photography and brilliant idea.
Everything that Halley owns is too short, yet the next size up is too baggy.
(Must be so difficult to be tall with long legs... I wouldn't know.)
You better bet that I will be extending the 
life of her wardrobe with this idea.

a couple of years ago my girls begged us for a pair of overalls 
(they really wanted to wear them here).
the overalls soon became their go-to item of clothing. of course (because i am cheap), i bought the overalls a size too big, knowing i could take up or let down the straps as they grew. however, the time has come, the straps have been let down as far as they'll go and the overalls are "high-waters."

but i'm not ready to let them go yet!

so i checked out a few blogs, copy-catted some ideas, and have prolonged the life of our beloved overalls.
what do you think?
You can pick your own pretty posey here

now, if only i could find a way to add ruffles and rick-rack to 
each of my children so i can keep them a bit longer.


  1. What a great idea!! And the sisters are delicious cute. :)

  2. Love this idea! The posey is such a cute addition too:)

  3. yay for your guest blogger! love you denise - see you in a few days!

  4. What a fantastic idea! Got any ideas for high waters for boys!?!?! My son is a stick, and has no toosh, yet his legs keep growing! So he has highwater jeans... and the next size up, his toosh can't hold up!

    Adorable bibs, though!

  5. Love LOVE this! I thought I had just washed my daughter's favorite pair of overalls for the last time but now it looks like she'll be able to wear them a bit longer (or shorter, tee hee :o))! Thanks!

  6. Oh, I love that last line. I wish the same about my sweet kiddos.

    These overalls are too, too cute! And the girls are just adorable!

  7. I love these overalls!!! Super cute!!!