I don't think I have ever done two posts in one day!
That's what happens when I take a week off.

I have been getting a bunch of requests for Pretty. Messy. pins... 
I had meant to list them all individually in the shop, but why?
Especially when I can make a cute listing pic like this one.

Which brings me to my second point...
Love it.  
I am little by little learning Photoshop, 
but on Picnik you can do many of the same things, without
 the brain bending knowledge and $400 program.

Plus, they have some funky new fonts.

Peace out times two.


  1. YAY you for being on the front page of etsy.

  2. You turned me on to Picnik awhile ago...I love it too!!
    Oh - and i am LOVING the pin, headband, and hair clip you sent!! THANK YOU!! You should have seen the smile on this Colorado girl's face...it was b-i-g!!
    Peace out girl scout!

  3. It is funny to "hear" you say "Peace Out." I recently taught Gentry to say that and it is hilarious!! I may have also taught her to add "Dude" or "Dudette" to the end??

  4. hey...I am learning Illustrator. It is fun too!