Etsy is amazing.  
In so many ways.

This package of gorgeous and unique fabric arrived at my door step all the way from Taiwan.
Tisha from Oriental Fabrics heard about Cora's Playground and wanted to help.  
I am working on some goodies for the playground from her generosity.  

Love it!

Then, I got a sweet note from Katie of SaSea Boutique.  
She knew that I was out of the pink Amy Butler fabric that I used for the Cora Pins.
Then checked her stash and found two yards that she was holding on to.
She couldn't imagine it being used for anything else, so she sent it my way.
That means more Cora pins!


As if she could be any nicer, look what she slipped in the package with the fabric!
I adore it!
It makes the fact that my oven has no window more bearable.
Honestly, who in the world thought it would be a good idea to make an oven without a window?
I suppose the previous owners of our house never cooked!

Come back tomorrow for a fun game....

Night night.


  1. What sweet people!
    I do love that towel!

  2. oh, I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric! What a blessing...

  3. Unexpected blessings are just the best! :)

  4. The kindness keeps spreading! So cool!
    And yea for more Cora pins! I didn't get to them in time the last go round.

  5. aww, thank you so much! I am SO glad you liked the town and I can't wait to see how fast your pins go! thanks again for all that you have done!