Shakespeare was wrong.

March 15th is a wonderful day.

It is the day three years ago that Lucy was born.
Today we has a simple St. Patrick's Day party for her.

Our little leprechaun.

She loved playing with all her cousins and being the center of attention.

The kids took home little buckets with monster shirts for the boys and initials for the girls.

What would a party be without cupcakes?
Especially if they are topped with Meg's frosting.
Try it. You will never use store bought frosting again.

Lulu, we love you so much!
You make us laugh every day.

Can't believe you are three years old!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Well, isn't that funny! My pretty little niece Zoe was born today! Beautifully healthy and perfect. I will post pics soon!
    Seems like a great Birthday to have.

  2. Awww! Something special for her finally on its way...

  3. Precious. Happy Birthday Lucy. What a fun party theme!

  4. Just precious. I have a March baby too -- she will be two a week from today. Congratulations -- she is beautiful!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Lucy! My little Sophie just turned 3 on March 4th and I just posted a few of her b-day pics today! I didn't know they were so close in age?! Her party looked so perfect! What a cute idea... a little St. Patrick's Day fun!

  6. Awww she is precious. I LOVE her shirt. :-) Great work momma!

  7. Three is such a great age! Happy birthday to your girl!!


  8. No way! Your buckets are SO cute and much better with the GREEN THEME! But my buckets were only possible thanks to your help! (Hopefully you remember me emailing you asking for advice for the letters for my daughters party favors?!) Well everyone I showed them to wanted one! So I started a shop! All because of your thoughfulness in helping out a not-so-crafty stranger :) Can't thank you enough! Would love to send you some fun buckets for your girls as a thank you! Email me with where to send them! Any particular color choices for each girl?? That would be so great! LOVE that we are both members of the GIRLS CLUB! 3 Girls = SO MUCH FUN.... and SO MUCH DRAMA! Talk soon!

  9. oh this looks like a fun party.
    happy birthday.
    love your target purchases. you can still HOLd a baby while you wear the apron and it's fine.
    i have missed catching up with you this week.
    the phone internet can't support the blogs! it always shuts off after it starts to load. but it gets sports weird.
    so i am happy to have a minute to peek in here!

    glad you made the frosting! it looks so yummy.

  10. you are right...march 15th is a glorious's my birthday too!!!!!! happy birthday to your sweet one (a few weeks late!)

  11. Wonderful post, awesome birthday theme and I'm sure she'll enjoy it.
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