The girls are yelling.
spending some quality time it the naughty chair.
wreaking havoc.
making my blood pressure soar.
it is almost bedtime.

because I really love them.
even on nights like this.
i was away this weekend on a women's retreat.
it was fun to come home.
to appreciate the noise, the mess, the hugs, the love.

we stayed in a charming vintage room.
if you say "charming vintage" it sounds nicer than "creepy, stinky and drafty".
you might think that perhaps it had two closets, right?
wait for it.
a shower.
in a closet. 
with no light.
but tonight I would love that claustrophobic shower.
I would enter the darkness, turn the water to boiling and shut the door.
bye bye.
mama needs a break.


  1. Oh, you could only be at CC Conf Center in Murietta...

    Try going to college there, they cram 6 girls into a dorm room about that size!

  2. So sorry. We had a day like that today, too. Those Duggars are not for real . . . no way.

  3. Sweet shower/closet. One of the ladies I work with says that when she needs time alone from her kids, she goes in the bathroom and locks the door for a few minutes. Not that I endorse that or anything :)

  4. don't we all have days like that? I call that time of day the power hour... everyone is tired and cranky before bedtime.
    I love your blog... I've been reading it for awhile, and just started one of my own. You are so inspiring! Thank you so much...

  5. I could have used an escape like that yesterday, too!

    Hope today is better!

  6. EEEK! I actually squealed out loud when I saw the shower. That's pretty bad. Hope you had a nice weekend away.

  7. no light? shower closet, hmm, it's a bit weird, but when you saw it you had to know right away it was blog worthy. everything has a different perspective now, as it can be blog worthy.

    when i need time alone i hide in my closet and eat chocolate. i've needed a lot of time alone lately, it's starting to show.

  8. it's always the best to get away but the hardest to come home! it's always a shock and the kids are awful. ALWAYS!

    who in the world would put a door on a shower? why would that EVER be a good idea? EVER!
    so weird.

    i wish i was at a women's retreat right now.....