I can't believe the interest in Tamra!
Now if I lived across the street from Dave Matthews I would get it.
But Tamra?

I don't have any juicy gossip or scandalous stories.

They lived in a cute, small 3 bedroom house.
They were really busy, yet friendly.
She came to Jason quite often asking for advice about her teenage son.
(She knew he was a youth pastor.)

But I mostly remember her appearing lonely.
She spent most days sitting on her front step in her velour sweatsuits.
Talking on the phone.

I don't know where her kids were.

I didn't really make an effort to get to know her.
I can make excuses for that...
I was busy with my friends...

Maybe she was intimidating.
But she was nothing like she is on T.V. now.
Not sure if they edit her to look that way, or that the money and fame have changed her.

But each day, Lucy sleeps in the crib that they gave us.
I was pregnant with Joy and their daughter had just outgrown it.

So I remember her as being generous.
Not the person she is every Tuesday night.
Because the Tuesday night Tamra is sad.


  1. I agree. The Tamra on tv is a sad Tamra, why else would someone be as mean as she is? Bitterness about her own life is my only answer.

  2. Ha! So I guess i wasn't the only one screaming for more Tamra stories! You know...me here in Colorado finds it truly intriguing that someone "famous" could actually have given you a crib and lived on the same block as you...it just doesn't happen here in my world. So thanks for indulging me with this post! Made me smile!! :0)

  3. Okay, you called me out. I feel silly for being so interested in the housewives - especially since they live about 4 miles from me. Maybe someday you can make a bundle from selling her used crib on ebay. I always find the silver lining, don't I?

  4. The OC Housewives are the only ones that I have really enjoyed watching, but from small-town Kansas I often wonder if what I see is actually the way it is... Thanks for sharing the tidbit of insight!

  5. They are all so sad. I guess seeing people like that make you want to know if they are truly like that..and you living across the street would give a little insight.


  6. yes. i watch that show too but sometimes i just have to hit delete. i feel sad for their love of money. or at least their "appeared" love of money. and vicki is a neurotic. yikes.
    and how much cleveage can there be on one show?!

    i am thinking that new show The mother hood sounds like just my style. "BE QUIET!! YOU"LL WAKE THE BABY!!!"

  7. I've never seen the show so I have zero interest in her. :)