Remember Kindyl?
I just wanted to brag about her today.
She is twelve!
She paints!
She has made each one of my girls a canvas for their rooms.

White starfish.  My favorite.  It was so sweet that she did this for Joy.  
It was 100% her idea.

She painted this for Halley when she was only eight.  
They brought it to us in the hospital and I hung it up.  
All of the nurses gushed over it.

Lucy is my surfer girl and she painted this to match her bedding.  
It also is the same color as my real surfboard.  Brilliant.

She painted this yesterday for Janey to match the bedding I am making.  
She even added bling.  I can't handle it.

I vote that she opens an Etsy shop!

Thanks Kindyl!
My girls and I adore your amazing creations!


  1. WoW. They are wonderful!!!

    (And right now, I sure wished I lived somewhere where it would make sense to own a blue surfboard!!!)

  2. those are gorgeous! way to go kindyl!!!

  3. So young for so much talent! I absolutely am in awe..... I love them!!

  4. I vote that she opens an Etsy shop, too! :) I would buy that last one in a heartbeat!

  5. Kindyl! They are beautiful. Janey's is awesome. She should design some fabric on spoonflower ;)

  6. So, so cute! She's inspiring me to actually LIST my paintings on Etsy- the original reason I opened my shop in the first place! What a talented girl.

  7. how very awesome to see the creativity in such young hands!!!

  8. These are beautiful - and I especially love Joy's. What a talented girl she is!

  9. Those are too preciuos! Kindyl is very talented and so thoughtful. What a sweet person to have in your life.

  10. I would definitely buy one of these, she is so talented!