Friday, February 6, 2009

Who's that cute girl?

Meet Kindyl.

She's amazing.
She loves Jesus.
You should hear her sing.

She is my newest model.
She doesn't demand candy.
Her attention span is longer than two minutes.

Doesn't she make you want to buy a few dozen headbands?

I hope so!

Hop on over to my shop to see my latest obsession.
It is Messy Flower Headband central over here.
Hope you like them!!!


  1. that was so much fun im glad i could help you out! :)

  2. Those are super-cute! I'll have to stop in and have a peek :)

    Amanda @ /

  3. Kindyl looks so pretty with your headbands! She will definately get people to buy them!

  4. Those are stinkin cute I am going to have to try to make those. Adorable! Ok you have me thinking about that potty? is that great huh? I am thinking long car drives!


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