As the girls nap and I am making 
cake I am so thankful.
The Christmas cards are in the mail.
I am letting myself be lazy.
I fixed the broken van door by myself.  Take that Toyota dealer!
I am not going to cry about my malfunctioning lens.
The sun is shining, but it is still cold enough to wear a scarf.

Best of all...
We will be celebrating Jesus' Birthday in only five days.
I simply cannot wait.


  1. Love that picture of the girls. Simple, fun and beautiful.

  2. love the photo! so sweet.and sandy!
    Just wanted to dop by and say Merry Christmas to you...Let's plan to meet at Timeless again soon...and I added your blog t my fav's list...hope that is okay with you!

  3. I love that picture of the girls. They look so happy. I hope you and Janey are doing well.