After what seemed like days and days of rushing to get custom orders filled I decided to use some Paypal money to get a little treat that I have been eyeing for nearly a year.  My brand new, cute, lightweight wonder lens came in the mail last week.  It is a 50mm fixed lens, which means it doesn't zoom, you have to use your feet to do the zooming.  Why would I get this tiny gem?  Ummmm..... look above.  Lucy is standing in front of our amazing, yet ugly jacuzzi.  Halley is in the side yard full of random gardening tools, patio furniture in need of a spraying and assorted debris.  Can you tell?  Not really.  The "nifty fifty" has very small depth of field that blurs the background of your subject.  Your photograph instantly highlights just your subject in a new and interesting way.  I am still playing around with it.  The girls aren't always the most obliging models, but thanks to my 2 gig card I will keep snapping away.  I have found the blurring is lost when the flash is used, so it is not great for night shots, and the subject needs quite a bit of light on their face for the full effect.  Off to snap about a thousand more, hoping to keep one or two.  


  1. i want on e of these too.
    and a wide angle.
    i always had a wide angle till this camera and it was challenge to get used to not having it.
    i miss it.

    you are going to love this!

  2.! I have that same lens and haven't used it nearly as much as I plan to! I need to practice with it! Every time I shoot the kids I want the pictures and am scared I'll get a whole bunch of not so great ones (out of focus)! I think I am slightly paranoid because last time I used it was when I was trying to learn to shoot in manual! HA HA HA HA HA! Now THAT is a challenge!

    The pictures of the girls are darling! Love the cropping on Lucy and of course Halley is beautiful!!

    Thanks for sharing! Let me know if you learn anymore tidbits!!

  3. Cool! I wish I was daring enough to make a purchase like that. I always admire cool pics like that, but I would be the kind to buy a big expensive camera, get overwhelmed, and end up packing it in my closet and sticking with my dinky digital. Maybe someday...

  4. I love the way those pics turned out--they're awesome!!

    BTW, thinking of a Nikon D80---would you recommend? Or heard anything good/bad??

    And, CONGRATULATIONS to you for winning a free card from my shop--I'll convo you the details! Yep, Lily's the best lil picker, isn't she?

    P.S. I don't even think our regular movie prices are at $9.00 yet!!

  5. ooooh - i want one! i've been wanting my backgrounds to be blurred because they're usually so messy! great pics!

  6. Oh, that is VERY nifty. I've got to look that lens up, I think that would work beautifully for me with a lot of the shots I try and do(with a lot of crapola in the background).