Today started horribly.  I woke up early to finish some lingering projects and went to the kitchen to make breakfast and get my coffee.  My sweet husband makes me espresso every morning with my beloved Starbucks Barista and sticks it in the freezer so it is icy cold when I wake up.  I can only stand hot coffee when it is below 50 degrees outside.  I made my bagel and while I was trying to carry too many things at once, dropped it peanut butter side down on the floor.  All things considered, this in itself wouldn't be so bad.  But last night I discovered that the mold from the dishwasher disaster of 2007 (not covered by our homeowners insurance, thank you very much) had reappeared under our sink.  I spent the better part of the evening cleaning and scrubbing everything with bleach.  I went to sleep and somehow woke up today with no recollection of it whatsoever.  The creepy open cabinet brought me back to reality.  So before I go on and on about 1970's shoddy tract home construction I sat myself down for a little quiet time.  I am blessed in ways that I can't even begin to number.  Dog hair in my peanut butter and mold in the cabinets do not change who God is.  They do not override the fact that He is planning all of our days and seeing to all of our needs.  So today think of all that you do have and place this verse in your heart.

"Look, I am coming soon!  Blessed are those who obey the words of prophecy written in this book."
Revelation 22:7


  1. I needed to read that. Thank you for sharing that scripture and part of your day. I've had some of those myself, but that piece of scripture I didn't, now I do! Thank you, again.

  2. Oh Julie...sorry to hear you had such a rough morning! I know how it is when it seems EVERYTHING is going wrong. Ughh... But you are right...we have to sit ourselves down and remember how blessed and fortunate we truly are.

    Hope your afternoon has been better!!