Well the only one having a party in my tummy is this wild baby. She seems to be constantly making campfires. Perhaps to roast smores. She then proceeds to stab me with the roasting forks. But that is another story completely.

Halley is addicted to TV. Lucy watches about 20 seconds before running madly out of the room in search of destruction. I blame it completely on Baby Einstein. Our friend Kristen likened them to baby crack. Halley got a taste of the Einstein drug very early and has never quite shaken it. I never let Lucy watch it, for fear she would need rehab like her big sister.

So I am a mean mom that lets them watch one show a day. By one show, I mean they can either choose from Veggie Tales (for the Christian in me) or Yo Gabba Gabba (for the indie music lover in me.) Twenty minutes. That is all they get. But honestly, I am okay with that.

Because I have found that most kids shows are AWFUL. Horrible. Either they have characters with bad attitudes and no consequences, or they are simply intolerable to me, the mom who sits with them watching.

On vacation we didn't have our much used DVR so we were at the mercy of whatever was on during the alotted time. Halley was in a glazed over stupor. Lucy was climbing up the balcony (standard). I was trying my best to tell my little addict why we don't say those words, or do those things in our family.

Not worth it.

So I am happy to be home to the DVR and thankful that Halley still believes that our TV can't get the same shows that the Bass Lake TV got.

Not a single day goes by where we don't sing some sort of song from Yo Gabba Gabba to help us through toddler issues. If you have never seen this show before, please find it on your TV. A handful of new episodes are airing this week and I can't wait.

This video below is from the very first episode and I have to tell you that this simple, silly song completely revolutionized our girls' eating habits.

I heart you Brobee!


  1. You CRACK me up!! I can not stand to watch cartoons so my kids are on their own when it comes to this! Probably not the best parenting skill I possess as I should be in there watching it with them to make sure it is "okay," but since they only watch Noggin, I assume it is safe?!

    We pulled out a Baby Einstein DVD over the weekend and the kids were both NOT into it! I guess they are over that stage of their childhood already!!

    And your comments about the baby and her roasting fork had me laughing out loud!! You are something else!!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful day!!

  2. oh this show is so weird.
    i am partial to little bear. calm and quiet. no singing.
    and now annie likes Peep. very simple and very cute.
    we get it on discovery kids in the morning....if you ever tire of Yo gabba gabba.

  3. lol that is too funny about your baby! my oldest was that way!

    Omgosh, I adore yo gabba gabba! it is so different than most shows, and oddly enough it reminds me of the shows that were on in the late 70s - early 80s(ish).

    My all time fave. is the backyardigans! even though tasha has a bad attitude sometimes. I just explain to chloe right and wrong, as i will do to kylie.

  4. My {almost} 5 year old loves Yo Gabba Gabba. My 15 month old boys literally stop what they are doing when they hear that show come on!

  5. My husband cannot stand this show, so therefore I LOVE it! LOL We have such different taste (opposites attract you know). I am partial to it because DJ Lance is from my hometown. I read an article in the paper before the first airing that said he wanted to have a show for kids that was from a simpler time... something like the Electric Company. I liked the Electric Company too! The Party in my Tummy song will be stuck in my head all day now :)

  6. My friends daughter is going to be in an episode! How fun is that!?

  7. Ugh, I understand the kid show thing-it seems Caillou runs the show in his family. Mommy, I don't wanna...Okay, Caillou.
    My poor children and their mommy who is nothing like Caillou's mommy.