Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mayor of Crazy Town

I am insane.
I committed to three boutiques. In. The. Same. Week.
Today I finally got around to making a list of what I planned to make, since everything has to be done before the first one.  No room to breathe or restock in between.
Here is a sampling of maybe 5% of what is on that lofty list.  They are only cut out.  Seriously, I am in way over my head.
If I can pull it off and do well, my seemingly unattainable goal of having a craft room just might come true.  I am hoping and planning to make enough extra money to remodel our garage (insulation, drywall, spider-proofing) into a craft/ playroom.
If it all fails... at least I will have all of my Christmas presents made and a super stocked Etsy shop.
Wish me well.


  1. Whatcha making??? I love you stacks of fabric!! Yum!

  2. What ARE you making?!! That is the question!! And I would like a sampling of each fabric in your two stacks there, please!!

  3. I love photos of fabulous fabric all stacked together. It's like eye candy! Whatcha making!?!

  4. ohhhh yummy....you have amazing fabric style. I am jealous. I may have to buy some fabric scraps from you if you have any to let go of, convo me!!! I use little (even tiny) pieces!

  5. OHHH fabulous fabric!!!!! =] Cant wait to see what you are making!!!! =]

  6. Awesome! I would love to be even committed to one boutique! You will get it finished, just "stay focused" (my mom's famous saying to me). I can't wait to see your finished craft room! (spider proofed and all)

  7. I can't wait to see what's in your etsy shop!! cute fabric,

  8. Hi
    Love your blog name and lovely blog. You are busy and yes I hate getting ready for shows. Blessings Denise

  9. i check your blog often. i love to see your crafts and creations. you are one talented gal. thanks so much for sharing. i have a feeling you will pull off all you need to for the craft shows. i wish you lots of sales and good times.

  10. Wow- what big endeavor! But with fabric like that you can't go wrong! :) Good luck, you'll do great!


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