Hi, I'm
and yes, my hair is in that stupid Lauren braid again.  My "really shouldn't of cut them" bangs still haven't grown out, and the fact that I attack them with a flat iron multiple times a week sure doesn't help.

But I am really just wanting to fill you in on an exciting new facet of my silly little life.  Somehow, I have brilliantly tricked Kristen and Ali over at Mama Manifesto into thinking that my random crafty and or issue-filled ramblings might have a home at their fabulous blog.  So before they come to their senses, head on over there.  In fact, bookmark the site.  Or, even one step better... get a nifty little widget for your blog.  It will spice up your sidebar and make you look pretty fancy too.

You will find real moms, living real lives, with humor, encouragement, honesty and inspiration.  I have found myself, laughing, crying, relating and changing through every post.

I am so honored, dumbfounded and truly grateful to share company with such amazing ladies.  Will you come join me?


  1. hooray for you! your blog IS awesome and it totally deserves to be there!! I will have to check it out--thanks for sharing!!

    P.S. I LOVE this link you sent me......gets my brain thinking and going to a million crafty places....

  2. Hmmm!! So I see that little widget on your sidebar EVERY time I log on here and I have yet to check them out! Making a point to do so soon though!!

    Thanks for sharing!! And FUN for you!

  3. Oh, my friend, I think it is YOU who has been tricked into coming on board. :) So glad you are!

  4. Congrats! I can't wait to check it out.

  5. You are amazingly refreshing...I absolutely love your blog! I have been so inspired by your creativity. Thank you for my daily smiles!

  6. hahaha the "stupid Lauren braid"
    amy h. had that at church this past Wednesday. i think it's cute (: