Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kind of like it... not too sure.

So, along with my craft A.D.D. comes the desire to learn something new and then completely abandon it.  I have wanted to try digital scrapbooking for some time, but was a bit overwhelmed and still don't have Photoshop.  Thus, it was put on the A.D.D. list for the future.  I saw an ad for a site that doesn't require Photoshop, is free, easy and posts directly to your blog.  I tried it out, loved it, was sure that I was hooked for life, and assumed that it would publish what I made just like a regular picture.  I am not too sure about the way it came out.  I don't like the slideshow thingy, I suppose since I am so impatient I hate waiting for something to load.  So here is my try at it.  I fear it might just bug me too bad, thinking of people waiting for it to load and I might delete it.  Click here to give it a try for yourself.  If anyone has experience in digital scrapbooking and has some tips let me know... I think I am getting Photoshop soon and might make it my craft of the week.


  1. love the new look. i'll have to check out that scrapblog thingy tomorrow when i have more time:)

  2. OK, I LOVE this website!! My friend just told me about it a week or so ago and I have been perusing it like a crazy person!!!! I need to get some things posted.. how awesome is that?! You page looks super!! xoxo!

  3. I tried that scrapblog site! Of course - I will try almost anything you recommend! Check out my new header! I made it from your suggestion!!


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