My family has been going to Bass Lake (outside of Yosemite, CA) since the 1930's.  My dad spent summers there, my best childhood memories are from there, Jason has been going there since we got married and now our kids are enjoying it every year.  This year my parents got a big cabin for us all to share.  Jason couldn't go (boo hoo) because he was speaking at the Saddleback Worship Conference and launching his book (yay!)  So the girls and I headed on the road and I hoped for 8 hours of driving peace and happiness.  (Do multiple time outs on the side of the 99 count?  Because if you have ever driven thorough Cali on the 99 you know that it is not really paradise.  Just saying.  The naughty chair travels with us too.  And it gets lots of use.  Mama can only take so much.)
This is the temp on the way.  Hottest day in the universe!  What would I do without air conditioning?

Because I didn't plan better I had to get gas at this station.  Oops.

Took a hike and found some gorgeous giant Sequoias.  No camera in the world could accurately capture how big they are.
Lulu really wanted to keep this ginormous pine cone.  My science teacher/enviromentalist brother made us leave it.  She was really sad until we saw a baby garter snake and the pine cone was forgotten.
This is where they sat all day.  The water is really shallow so I didn't have to worry about them drowning.  They played together every day and I actually found myself relaxing.  How cute are these suits from Target?  Love them.  I brought my sewing machine and a bunch of projects that needed finishing, but never took it out of the case.  I caught up on my magazines, read two big books and just enjoyed doing nothing.  I rarely let myself do that, so it was a welcome treat.

Speaking of treats, Amy is the winner of the Starbucks pound.  She also had the horror of going to get coffee only to find out the machine was broken.  She said it is like "an ice cream truck being out of ice cream."  Or like the time I went to Del Taco for a burrito and they were out of beans.  Really?  Out of beans?


  1. What a beautiful day....

    3 Holy Cows
    the temp....that's HOT
    the gas....OH MY !!
    the pinecone...Geeez that's big

    have a happy day

  2. I second April! I KNOW how hot that is! We are living that EVERY SINGLE DAY...ughh!!

    And that pine cone? WOW that is big! I would have had to sneak it out I think!! It's not everyday you come across a pine cone as big as a small child!!

  3. looks like the girls had a blast...and good for you, lettin yourself relax! you deserve it.....cute pics, love that ginormous cone, LOL

  4. I'm so excited that I won! Thanks! Love the pinecone! I would want to have kept it too! I'm so glad we're having a "cold snap" here--it's only in the 90's. My brain would be fried if it was that hot here!

  5. Did Del Taco really run out of beans?..I find that hilarious.

  6. i am so glad you had a relaxing trip. my family has also spent years and years there - first my grandparents, then my father, then my parents and our family, until eventually we moved there in the early 80's. so i actually grew up there! i still find it to be extremely relaxing and mellow. can't wait for our trip there in a month (i'll be w/o my husband, too!).

  7. Don't ya just love Bass Lake? It's one of our stomping grounds, cause my hubby and I are from the Valley, Fresno and Sanger. You learn to live with the heat, but Ventura Co where we live now is paradise temp wise compared to back home. It sounds like you guys had a GREAT time! Cute pics.