I never had a chance to know these sweet children and I have yet to meet their adoring  parents, although I have prayed that I would cross paths with them.  One year ago today Kyle, Emma and Katie were welcomed into Jesus' arms following a car accident.  I remember driving to Bunco that Friday and wondering why what was normally a five minute drive suddenly became half an hour.  When I arrived at my friend's house I heard the news.  All of us sat in stunned silence not knowing how to process what we had just seen on television.  We not only connected with Mr. and Mrs. Coble because they were members of our community, but because nearly all of us in our strange little Bunco group are mothers of children in Heaven.  Our community came together in support of  this grieving family and tied two pink and one blue ribbon around every tree, sign and light post.  There was not a corner you could drive by without thinking about and praying for strength in their darkest of hours.  The children are buried near our daughter and each time I visit the cemetery I hope to run into the Cobles.  When I shared this with someone they asked me, almost in horror, what would I possibly say.  If I have learned anything, there are no proper words.  Nothing that can help their suffering make sense.  No phrases that can make the pain go away.  All one can do is look them in the eyes with love and care and say with true compassion and sincerity, "I am so very sorry."   
This week three precious babies were born to the Cobles.  I rejoiced when I heard that Ashley, Ellie and Jake were welcomed into this world safely.  These three come into a very loving family with such history and a story like few others.  I visibly see the legacy that Kyle, Emma and Katie left and I look forward to watching the plan God has for these three little ones.


  1. What a lovely tribute. You are a very thoughtful and wonderful lady.:-) Lori

  2. As I sit here I am truly at a loss for words (not to mention wiping tears away as they stream down my face). But as you said, and as I know, there are no proper words. By sharing their story you are reminding us of what is truly important in life...thank you for that. Just as Lori said, you are an incredibly thoughtful person...the world needs more of you!

  3. You wrote with such a peace about you - and I admire your heart! God has blessed you with such compassion! I never knew you had lost a child - I'm so sorry - and I know you have such a strong testimony for so many!! You are great!

  4. Oh my goodness! This story is heartwrenching! I sit here not knowing what to say as I have too lost a little one. Knowing that words can never take the pain away. I would love to give them a big hug. Plus, if they ever read this per chance, know that I will think of you and pray for you!

  5. Wow, that story leaves me absolutely speechless. What a terrible loss to have to go through. But what a blessing the three babies are, and you are so sweet for making that darling sign for them. I am sure it will be kept very dear to them!!

  6. I am pretty sure I saw there story on the Today show or some other morning show. I wept for their loss and am also happy for their new babies. What a miracle they were able to have more children.

  7. What a heartfelt tribute. It is something I can not even imagine, no matter how hard I try. I am deeply touched by your story...

  8. ..youre too young to pass a way..~
    ..im very sad and speechless when i watch the video on youtube..~

    ..as of i know those three kids..~
    ..they were lovable and happy being with there family..~

    ..but then that tragic accident end the happiness they feel..~

    ..it happens for a purpose..~
    ..GOD has HIS own reason i know..~
    ..but i wish to have those child a reincarnation cause i know they want it too.~

    ..being to their mom and dad..~
    ..is their happiest moments..~
    ..im very fond of childrens thats why i felt as if i'm a part of their family as their older sister..~

    ..we will wait for you 3 little angels to reincarnate..~
    ..i wish your happy wherever you are now..~