Bethany asked me to make her a few of these fun Eye Spy bags.  I had wanted to make them for a long time and had even purchased most of the supplies.  However my craft A.D.D. kicked in and I was off making different things.  My girls now actually sit for a few minutes moving the beads around looking for the treasures inside.  It is a simple game they can play by themselves without making a mess or causing general mischief.  Perfect for car rides, plane trips or those days when all you need is five minutes to yourself of absolute peace and quiet.
This is the first one I made.  When Halley woke up from her nap I went into her room to give it to her.  I was so excited. I knew she would love it.   She had a different take entirely.

Here is what the conversation went like:
Mom:  Halley, I made you something.  It has treasures in it you can search for.
Halley:  Ohhhh!  Look, a baby and a lobster.  Can you get them out?
Mom:  No honey.  They stay inside.
Halley:  Did you make Lucy one?
Mom:  Not yet.  I'm making hers later.
Halley:  You can give her this one and make me a new one with princess fabric and a zipper so I can play with the stuff inside.
That is how it tends to go around her.  Thankfully since then she has accepted the non-princess, zipper free version.


  1. Julie - these turned out SO cute! You are amazing...really!! I LOVE them...ALL of them!

  2. Tell me more!! What in the world is an eye spy bag??? do i need one for my boys!!??? I think i might just need one for me!!
    Thinking of you So much lately!!
    Have a love-fully!!

  3. I guessed right ;)
    We made these a few Christmases back for some special kiddos! I love your fabric choices.

  4. Yes, please share! What exactly is an eye spy bag? THey look darling!:-) Lori

  5. I love those! I saw your labal said your new kids shop...when can I start shopping there? i want a Spy bag!! :0) Let me know...pppllllleeeaaaassseee!!

  6. ok, so i need that spy bag! seriously, sooo cute! what's in there? where can i order one? and whats this about a new kids shop??? love it!