Just in time to pull me out of my Bad & Yucky depression, my kind and friendly mailman brought me a package.  Inside were the most fun and dreamy treasures to quell my bitterness towards Hershey for a minute.  Lori put on such a unique and creative swap who's theme was "Desert Island".  She sent me everything I could ever want to bring (on the condition that I would be rescued shortly, and there were no smoke monsters or Others on the island with me).  A parasol to keep my "way too much sun in my teenage years" skin safe, a fan to keep my hatred of intense heat at bay, a journal to write my escape plan from Ben Linus in, a novel and a trashy gossip mag to pass the time (when I worked at the hair salon I got a bit addicted to celebrity disasters.... don't judge),  chocolate fondue for dipping the pineapples I am am sure to find, flip flop ribbon- because it's fun, presents for Halley and Lucy because they will miss me and the cherry on top.......
Every stranded girl needs to look cute!  Who knows what I will make my clothes out of?  Whatever it is, they will match my new perfect, adorable, yummy, never want to take it off button necklace!  Seriously, look at this beauty!  It has all of my faves (notice the happy lack of purple) is just the exact length and I have been drooling over one on Etsy for months!   Thank you Lori!  You can come to my island anytime!  You truly spoiled me!

(Sorry about the random Lost references.  I am excited for the season finale tonight and I'm a dork.)


  1. I have seen a necklace like that on your fave Etsy list...you lucky girl you! That is such a fun mail bag of stuff!!

  2. I am a total trash magazine reader...I would never ever judge!! I love em all!! Such mindless reading, and reminds me how good I have it!! Great goodies you got!

  3. Julie- I am so glad you like everything! I had such fun putting this together for you.:-) I love your package description, too- so creative! I have not been following "Lost", but now you have me intrigued.... Lori

  4. What a COOL grouping of goodies you got! That necklace is SO FUN. Have fun with it all! I'm waiting on my package, maybe today, Mr. Postman!

  5. What a fun swap partner you had! That is a great group of goodies!! And I remember seeing that necklace on your Etsy faves too...lucky you!!

    Hope you are having a great Friday!

  6. did you love the LOST finale?
    i did.
    oh i love that show.

    what a lucky girl you are to get such goodies in the mail. that umbrella is adorable.