Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mon Amie

Look at the sweet Paris goodness that came in the mail from Cynthia.  I could go on and on!  The bag is breathtaking, the detail is extravagant, and it has oodles of pockets inside.  I always get a bit lazy with putting pockets in bags and end up regretting it when I am digging through a black hole for my cell phone, chapstick  and keys.  She also sent along some fun beaded fringe.... thinking of what to do with that right now, beautiful beaded earrings, tea and a mug(perfect for my hideous sore throat), dark chocolate (bliss) and a delicious Luna Bar.  The sweetest thing of all is the pink Eiffel tower tags.  She saw that I had hearted them on Etsy and bought them right out from under me.  I was so sad when they were sold, but quite amused when they came my way.  Merci, Cynthia, merci! 


  1. Oh, thats just SO very sweet!!!

    Lots of great comments on "Your" Floyd sign ... turned out to be a great anniversary present - you can see it on my blog (hope thats okay)


  2. THAT'S where those Pink Eiffel tags went?? How wonderful it was YOU! Your friend mentioned she was going to give them to a sweet! I am tickled pink!

  3. What a wonderful package of goodies!:-) Lori

  4. That looks fun! Love the bag!


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