I really don't want to send this.  Partly because I love it so much I want to keep it and partly because I hate it so much I want to throw it off a cliff.  Once in a while I will make something and truly not know if it is amazing or hideous.  This was a custom order from Etsy.  The sweet buyer liked my shop banner and trusted me enough to paint something like it.  I used to paint all of the time, but she didn't know that.  She was super patient with me (it took me forever to get to it) and is giving the sign to her Aunt as a thank you gift.  "Cheers Dears" is her Aunt's favorite saying and now it is one I want to incorporate into conversations.  Art is so subjective and custom art that gets put in the mail unseen is even scarier!  I have issues, I know.  I will either wake up tomorrow loving it, or start over completely.  Hopefully choice A. 


  1. I think it's adorable! Sweet of you to incorproate her Aunt's favorite saying, as well!

  2. Hey!! I left a comment here yesterday.. rut row.. it's not here now... well this is what it said!!! LOVE!!! Did you paint the background yourself??? Fantastic!!
    and the swirly wire on top with the ribbon to finish it off is wonder-full!!! Great job!!
    More please!!