This package of springtime happiness arrived today from Joy as part of the Little Bit Funky Swap.  It is as if I picked it all myself, that is how perfect everything is!  How precious is her family?  Look at that card.  Love it!
Where do I even start?  The wreath... perfection.  Brilliant and adorable!  The birdies... my parents' theme for their nearly 40 years of marriage.  The magazine... it's like Martha + Real Simple + Jesus.  I am subscribing today!  The soap... makes washing germy, diaper changing hands so much nicer.  The plate... I am obsessed.  The Zone bars... my daily staple.  
Look at this plate happily fitting in on my entry way table!  How perfect does it look with the orange and turquoise?  The best part... I can write anything I want on it.  Look how cute her "g" is.  I want to change my writing.  My "g's" are boring.  I bet you are wanting your very own little yo-yo flower aren't you?  Check out her brand new Etsy shop because I am not sharing mine!
Bye bye dog leashes.  Hello wreath!
This below is my breakfast every single day.  Two iced lattes from my home Barista machine (hearting Starbucks!) and a Zone bar is about all I can take in the morning.  Look at how low my supply was!   I am beyond blown away!  I cannot believe the time and care that went into this sweet package.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You are amazing!


  1. Oh My Word!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOO Excited!!!!!! YOU have made my heart smile so very BIG!!! Are we twinsies or what??? I am so glad everything was a good match for your sweet home!!! So happy you love the ZONE bars too!!I was so tickled about that!! Oh!!and you can take the "joxlette" off and wear it if you want too!!!.. I had to throw you some Amy Butler in HEART her!!My hubby saw what you posted and we (together) feel so famous!!! Thankyou for your sweet post!!
    Can't wait to return the kindness!! Enjoy your evening!!
    Your Friend,

  2. And I LOve Your HUGE "C" over your mantel... and that back splash in your kitchen is fantastic!! the way... sorry about the box i sent it in... you know how many of those we go through!!

    I saw your "Nester" comment about your robot.. funny! and BRILLIANT!!

  3. Hey, Julie!!..I am Mommy to Joyfullness...dont you just LOVELOVE her goodies??...Her "presentation" is always so awesome!...I know, beeeecause I have been so lucky to receive boxes of yummy-ness from her too!...I am happy she met you through blog-land...Both of your creative souls meeting across the miles!...Thank you for such a sweet post! Creative blessings, Debbie

  4. Wow! I am sister to Joy and daughter to Debbie. You posted a msg on my blog last night asking about the corner rounder I used - asking mom about that - will let you know soon - and popped onto your blog this morning. How surprised, then, I was to see my sister's face and creative talents peering back at me from a new place. I just L-O-V-E the card with the fam on it. I keep meaning to ask her how she did the coloring in - so awesome.

    Thank you for saying so many wonderful things.