It is a billion degrees here today.  Don't hate me if it is cold where you are.  I am sorry!  I just am not genetically inclined to live in an inferno in April.  I am always one second away from heat stroke and have fainted or nearly fainted from overheating more times than I can count.  I ended up being a swimmer all through my childhood and college since that is one sport that you keep marginally cool while participating.  Any whoo... a benefit of the oven that is my backyard, I dried my diapers outside today.   I have read over and over that sunshine is the the best bleach in the world.  I cannot tell you how true that turned out to be.  Some creepy stains are suddenly gone, ones Oxy-clean couldn't even touch.  They smell glorious as well.  That is if you are comfortable with saying diapers and nice smells in the same sentence.  So, I am putting a clothesline in my back yard.  I am getting an apron with big pockets, filling it with clothespins and hanging my sheets, towels and diapers from now on.  My homeowners association is going to have a heart attack, but they can deal.  Besides, it will be a perfect place to take pictures.  The one I am using now is tied to the girls little cabana and it is always too shady and I hit my head on it all of the time.  

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