This hawaiian beauty came today from Little Bit Funky.  Obsessed.  Just when I think I am over my Hawaii phase it creeps back in.  Perhaps has something to do with the 10 year anniversary trip to Kauai my sweet husband just booked.  The pic to the left of the purse is of Halley learning to walk at San Onofre beach.  Classic.  The one above it is the picture we used for her 1st birthday invite.  Our friend has a green screen in her garage, shot pics of Halley and my surfboard and then photoshopped them into the big wave.  Hilarious.  My poor surfboard... it misses me so.  I miss it too a bit.  The time to wipe off the dust is coming...
Look at what my mailman also brought!  A box of DETERGENT!!!!!  Seems boring doesn't it?  Well look at my detergent jar.  Only enough left for one load of diapers.  EMERGENCY!  Husband needs a shirt washed for church?  Too bad.  Girls need pajamas?  Wear last night's, they aren't too dirty.  I am saving the detergent for Lucy's diapers.  We have been on washing machine lockdown for days all because I forgot to order this junk.  I know what I am doing the rest of the night.  Weird detergent available only online... another lovely side effect of cloth diapers.  Potty training come quickly!


  1. You have to have special soap!!!
    Oh MY!! but atleast you get to put it in the cutest darn container!!
    Where are you getting all these glass jars from....
    Love that hawaii bag... you lucky girl!!

  2. I love all things surfer-girl!! Allikaye's whole room is the "tropical/surfer" theme! I am jealous that you are an actual Cali surfer! How fun!!