Today was the first day Lucy got to be in the 2-3 year old room at church. 99% of the time she is outgoing and happy, talking to everyone who comes her way. The nursery at church is a whole different story. The second we walk in the front foyer she starts chanting "no leave, no leave, no leave!" Now this is the same child who sees nothing wrong in running away from me at Disneyland without looking back. Something about the nursery makes her cling to me like I am about to drop her in a vat of boiling oil. As we walk up I can see the horror on the sweet volunteers faces. Oh no, here comes Lulu! She screams bloody murder basically the entire time she is in there. If she wasn't a pastor's kid I am sure they would have kicked us out months ago. Today was different though. She walked on her own down the early childhood wing and confidently followed Halley in the door. Not once did she scream for me. She played, sat still during story time and even colored a picture! I think that being with her big sis in the big kid room was just what she needed. For the first time in two years I actually sat through the service in total peace without waiting for the pager to buzz, beckoning me back to my crying child. Good job Lulu! You are growing up!

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