I have humbly come to the conclusion that my customers are way more creative than I am. This sweet sign is heading up to Northern California for a little girl's first birthday. Her mommy is going to take a photo of her daughter holding the sign and then make thank you cards from it. Each year she will hold the sign and it will be a fun way to track her growth. Did I come up with the idea? No! You would think after all of this time making sign after sign something like this would cross my mind. You better bet I am making my own version for my girls though.
How much do you love the little one's name? Years after thinking she was done having children she found herself with a little one one the way. Sudden joy! Sutton Joi! Happy birthday little one. Thanks for letting me part of it.

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  1. Hey Julie its me!!!Joy!! Here is another one of those moments... my dad always says "Hola Joie" to me on the phone.. one of those inside family jokes... AND we live on Sutton drive!! What in the world!!!
    You make me smile!! Have a happy day!!