(Free printable available here.)

So, our official church launch was Sunday (so much more on that later)...

This week/ month/ year so far has been bananas, I can hardly catch my breath, much less catch up on laundry.
Yet through it all, God has been so real and present, and I can get out of bed each day because of that truth.

My friend Leslie, who ditched me for the glory that is Montana, started a beautiful project on Instagram this month.  First off, you should follow her, (@leslie_padgett ) to hear it from her heart, but to summarize, she set out a challenge to make a simple stack of 3x5 cards and fill them with scripture for those moments that you feel like you are drowning.  31 days of truth.

God's word will keep you afloat. 

So today is my day to share what has been keeping me afloat in this overwhelming sea.

Steadfast.  Immovable.  Abounding.

Print it out.
Tape it to your mirror, fridge, fake brick wall...

Stay afloat.


  1. Love that idea! I am going to print this one out! Thanks!

  2. New church! How did I totally miss this new adventure? So excited for you guys. Great website too.