I started 2015 off well.  If your definition of well is actually disaster.
So if you are already feeling bad about your resolutions, here is something to make you feel better.
If you are super organized and a planner, please click away.
I might have planned a birthday party and sent out invitations without actually remembering to book the place where the party would be held.

 (Cute and easy DIY invites available here.)

Minor detail. 
So the day before said party, a new from scratch party had to be pulled out of thin air.
(Free tip:  don't have babies in December.  Plan for January, when things are much quieter. Take it from a mom with a December birthday, and a December kid.)
 (Party on the fly and on the cheap: bed sheet for a tablecloth, decor stolen from her room and around the house, mason jars, hot chocolate, Dollar Tree balloons, Christmas decor keeping things festive, these sweet bows for favors.)

We ended up having half of the party here, and the other half 45 minutes away, instead of the planned meet in the courtyard adjacent to the place down the street from our house so I wouldn't have to clean after the post Christmas chaos and exhaustion.  (Side note, if you are looking for a fun, affordable girly party, beauty colleges are a great place to go.  Curls and updos, and glitter, and nails, and more glitter, and the students were so sweet to each of the girls.) Thankfully, this last minute scramble is sort of my theme for life, and I have very flexible and accommodating friends and family that do not act horrified when I drastically alter plans.  OCD I am not.
(Yes, bald baby has grown up into Rapunzel baby.  
The years waiting for her hair to grow in were worth it.)

So I don't even know where I am going with this, except to say that I am thankful for this joyful little girl, who has been talking about her salon party for the 364 days prior to her birthday, for the sunshine she brings to our life, for the friendship and grace we are surrounded with, for the fact that days like this don't need to be perfect, or styled, or pinned a million times on Pinterest.  They can be last minute, and chaotic, and still filled with donuts and bunnies and pink and glitter and curls and laughter and celebration.

Because it doesn't get better than donuts and glitter.


  1. Hey Happy New Year! I have been reading for a while and love when you pop in and share.

    What a great party and yes, we can all use a little deliverance from the at times "stressful" plans we make for ourselves! Look how great things turned out and your sweet girl had a blast! On the fly can be such a blessing and what a lesson on flexibility and creativity you taught your kids!

    Side note: Our oldest came here with peach fuzz for hair, she is now a 14 year old with 10 heads of hair! It is literally that long and thick! Enjoy!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out how Janey is six! Wow!

  3. Last year we learned that June birthdays don't work as no one is in town. This year we are having her birthday in May. Glad it all worked out!

  4. How on earth is bald baby six? I find that absolutely unacceptable :) She is stunning - looks so much like you!