A random little catch up of randomness...

1.  The Wet Brush.
If I was Oprah, this would be my favorite thing.
A brush for you!  A brush for you!  A brush for you!
I cannot adequately explain how much this has changed our mornings.  We have gone from 2-3 people crying as I did their hair to zero.  Do you know how great zero people daily crying is?  ZERO crying.  I have a tough scalp and tangly hair, which should be a required genetic combo.  My girls however have insanely sensitive scalps and super tangly hair.  The Wet Brush is made of magic and unicorn tears, I don't know how it works, or why it is so different than the five thousand other brushes we have tried.  All I know is, we have totally ditched the detangling spray, and just use water and magic now.  If our house was burning down, this brush might be the first thing I grab.

2.  Columbus, Ohio.
This speaks to where I am right now.  I had one of the best, most relaxing vacations of my life in Ohio.  Yes.  Ohio.
Jason was speaking at a conference and I went to tag along. By tag along, I went for the express purpose of doing nothing.  I got my dream of days alone, sleeping in, quiet meals, reading books in pajamas all day...
It was the best.
I love you Ohio.

3.  While I was holed up in the Hyatt, I read three full books.
All three, fun and easy reads.
Attachments (especially fun to remember what life was like on the brink of Y2K)
The Fault in our Stars  (feelings and words too big for teenagers, yet the English nerd in me loved it, and sometimes it is just so good to cry.)
The Other Boleyn Girl (I have a fascination with Tudor history, and this book was a peek into Henry VIII's court.)

4.  This picture is saved on my phone forever.
Because sometimes you need to reply to a text.
With just this picture.
I can't even.

5.  Mique's Snickerdoodles.
Make them.  She isn't lying when she says they are the best ever.
They are.
I ate five thousand of them crying and laughing on Jessica's couch last week.  The best.

6.  And her Mexican cornbread.
SO GOOD. Literally can't even.

7.  I love sunsets.
She loves bunnies.
We both win.

8.  This squirrel loving runner turned eight.  I like eight.

9.  This is my favorite album right now.
This is my kids' favorite song.
I have now added seeing them live (preferably in Ireland) to my concert bucket list.
I even made a print because it is just so true.  You can find it here.

9.  Frozen.  All day.  Every day.  This is my favorite of the zillion spoof clips on YouTube.  Wolverine.

10.  I let go of perfection and let Janey make her own Top Banana poster for school.  You know what? I like it a thousand times better than the ones I made for her big sisters.  Her writing, the bunnies, the rainbows, the full freedom with washi tape. Why does it take three kids to learn these obvious lessons?

11.  I have big exciting, dream come true news... and I need your help.
Details coming soon.  SO EXCITED!

(*Amazon affilate links used.  So the man loses.  And I can buy more Wet Brushes.)


  1. Aaaah! "My Lighthouse" is my kids' favorite right now too! It's good stuff.

  2. I didn't think I had hair brush problems but now I'm thinking maybe I do;) Going to order now.

  3. Do you want to know what happened? I'm going to tell you anyway. Rend Collective was the worship band at my church in little Missoula, Montana on Easter Sunday. Happy Resurrection Day indeed! I might've peed a little during worship. Just saying. Love Rend Collective. Love Fresh Life church. Find a way to see them live. You won't be disappointed. Hugs to you.

    1. This comment just gave me pains in my chest. That is THREE hours from me. And I would've driven/ridden a horse/rode a bus/crawled to get there! How did I not know?? sniffffff

  4. Awesome song! Love Rend Collective!

    Thanks for the tip on the bush! I have 3 daughters with extreme feeeeeeeeeeeelings about getting their hair brushed/combed.

    Also, I really like it when you blog :) Your blog was the very first blog I ever read...in the middle of the night when daughter #3 was a newborn. I read through your archives while feeding her. So you are interestingly in some sweet memories of those early days <3

  5. i tagged along with my husband for a work trip in vegas. VEGAS, baby! and i stayed in bed allllll day and read books and it was my favorite!

  6. My little Shane-a-like boy watched that video three times back to back this morning. I was not supposed to sing or dance along (but may have snuck a bit in anyway!) xxx

  7. Africa? AFRICA!
    I can't wait to hear more about this.

    Also, listened to the FOMO S. Niequest on my walk this morning...TWICE.

    Words I needed to hear...truth I needed spoken.
    Thank you for sharing that.

  8. You know, if you really want to see Rend Collective in concert, you can all fly to NC and visit our student Winter Conference in December. http://cruencounter.com No? Bummer. I'm so excited!

  9. I am like you with the wet brush. It's the best!!!!!!!!!!

  10. We just ordered the Wet Brush...it is A-Maz-Ing! Thanks for the tip.

  11. Your ohio trip ....dreamy. That frozen spoof is awesome. Can't wait to hear your news!

  12. I am totally with you on TFIOS. I HATED it the first time around because of the dialogue, but I was encouraged to read it again by a friend and focus on the storyline. Definitely more tolerable the second time around, but I seriously don't get all the hype over this book. I LOVED The Other Boleyn Girl and must say that Phillipa Gregory is a masterful storyteller. Have you seen the Showtime series The Tudors? Very steamy, but very very good. Jonathan Rhys Myers? Be still my heart!

    So so glad you are blogging again. I missed the Carson Crew.

  13. You were in my city and I didn't know...I can't even! I might be a little depressed for a little while. Maybe if I make those snickerdoodles it'll make things better. Maybe.

  14. OK...got the brush yesterday and had an amazing, drama-free hair styling time for my daughters!

    The Wet Brush FTW!!!

    Thanks for the tip :)

  15. Come backkkkkk. I'll make 13 batches. And Ashlyn likes Rend's 2nd song. And when she asks for it she says "I want to burn in a fire!" So that's fun.

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  17. I live in Columbus Ohio! So glad you had a great trip

  18. I saw Rend Collective when they were touring with Chris Tomlin. We were left wanting more of them - they rocked out on garbage cans. So Awesome. Literally can't even... Lol.

    I love Columbus - tons of great places to visit and eat. I hope you got out of the room for just a little bit:)