So I have been quiet.  Traveling.  Packing and unpacking.  Storing up words and feelings.  So many words and feelings.  Some of which I don't feel safe unpacking yet.  Words and feelings that are best spilled over a meal at the table, or curled up under quilts on the couch.
Words and feelings that I face and hide from simultaneously.  I think and pray and cry and hope and grow and bake brownies and search for new pretty hairstyles.

Today is a hiding day.  A brownie and braiding day.  The feelings can wait.

It's somewhat awkward to segue out of that... so anyway....

My Lauren Conrad inner fangirl is no secret.  I mean THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!!
I also have only three hairstyles: down with big curling iron curls, up in a gross messy bun, or the side braid. There is so many more that I pin and never do, frankly because I have three other humans who require me to do their hair every morning before school.  One who had no hair until she was well over two, and is DRAMA when a brush, or ponytail holders come near her.  DRAMA.
I also admitted on Instagram that I wash my hair once a week.  Yes.  Deal with it.  Having straw for hair does have it's advantages.  My curls last the entire week.  The creepy factor is remedied by Dove dry shampoo.
I have always wanted to add another look and learn how to do a fishtail braid.  I was mistaken into thinking it was really, really hard.
Guess what?  It's not.  At all.  Especially if you don't mind messy.  Plus, Lauren Conrad.

The results:
Easy, imperfect, and looks like you spent more than three minutes on your hair.
Add in a V8 drinking baby who desperately needs a haircut, and loves to see himself on the screen, and you are way less lame taking selfies of your braid.

I do think it is the perfect hairstyle to bake brownies in.
Specifically Samoa ones.
Ones currently cooling on the counter.
I have no doubt they will be good.  Nor do I have any doubt they will last until tomorrow.
They are based on this recipe, but just like I have no shame in admitting that I only wash my hair once a week, I have yet to find a box of Ghirardelli brownie mix that I didn't like.  Why make them from scratch, when you can use a mix and watch Youtube braid tutorials with all of your extra time?

So there's that.  Emo and surface and pretty and chocolately, all in one post.

Linking up with Jessica.  Because she lives too far away and I hate every single mile between our two houses.  We should be sharing her pumpkin bars and my brownies on the couch right now.  Talking about feelings and crying and cry laughing.
Because that is what we do.


  1. Love your guts and miss you!!! Fishtail looks awesome!

  2. I have one hairstyle. It's called the no sleep messy ponytail flipped around a hairband. I'll be doing a tutorial soon. I miss you. I need a good cry laugh.

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    1. I have missed your posts! Your hair looks great like that!

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  5. I love fishtail braids. I have been missing your posts. So many of our words are the words that are in my head, but I can't express. I pray your heart is tended by your loving Father and when the time is right and it brings glory to the work he is doing, you will have the words.

  6. I've never thought to blame my lack of personal hair styles on the fact that I have to do the hair of my three daughters! It's so, so true...hairstyle fatigue!

    Do you have hair all.over your house? Seriously, I could sweep the bathroom and 5 minutes later there would be hair all over the place again!

  7. It is so good to see you. A quilt and some brownies sounds awesome.

  8. love it. and you rock that braid just like lauren conrad.

  9. Hugs to you Julie.
    And my daughter is going to love you forever because I'm going to learn how to fishtail braid her hair.

  10. Seems silly to say-but you were on my mind this weekend. I don't even know you obviously, but I said a prayer for you nevertheless. Hope your weekend was a good one.

  11. love it so much. i have middle hair. not long, not short. i always wish i could pull off the long like you but alas. and you go ahead and hide till you are ready to come out. we all do this. thanks for reminding me it's needed at times. xoxo

  12. So thankful for your fishtail post! It's saved me from a couple bad hair days already.

  13. I hope this not a weird stalker-back-comment, but your are so beautiful! Hugs to you!

  14. I hope this not a weird stalker-back-comment, but your are so beautiful! Hugs to you!