Currently obsessed with silhouette photos.
Counting down the minutes until naptime so we can sneak in a few episodes of Arrested Development.
While eating homemade chocolate chip cookies that were a grand baby shower favor.
Wishing that I made extra salted caramel cupcakes, because I forgot how evil good those are.
Thankful that it is a long weekend.  Needing some sunshine and sleeping in and bbq.
Surprisingly at peace with the chaos that should be our life as our church/ school/ everything/ is in flux.
Still in disbelief how much I miss everyone who came to Camp Mom*tog.
Wearing my favorite grey (or gray?) dress AGAIN because Jen Hatmaker is messing up my life.
Thinking I should totally wash my hair because ewwwww.  But this spray is my new best friend and I am obsessed.
Freaking out that my Halley girl turned nine. NINE.  Like almost a teenager nine.
Working on a new linky deal because my Instagram feed does not line up with my REAL reality.
Counting down the days until school is out slash freaking out that all of them will be in my grill ALL DAY every day.
Looking forward to redeeming my Mother's Day gift of one night at a hotel with no other humans talking to, or needing things from me.
Wishing I could see Fast Six again.  And again.
Feeling that it is time for another Favorite Things Party.
Wishing I had a jar of this salsa.  A big jar.
The end.


  1. I saw a funny way to remember the grey/gray saga.

    America = grAy

    Europe = grEy

    Canada = grEHy


  2. thanks for the reminder... just made the salsa for me for lunch.
    wish i lived a few thousand miles closer.
    i'd drop off a nice big jar!

  3. watching arrested development as the little one naps :)

  4. Yes please to another favorite things party. I miss your friends (and you, of course).

  5. I would love to travel to the west coast just to be able to take beach silhouette pictures :) Sunset just isn't the same on the East Coast!

  6. I totally want that hairspray. And a cookie. Gimme!!! :). Also, I need to go read up about this camp!

  7. Totally think the next camp momtog should include camp fires on the beach singing Kumbaya at sunset while making s'mores and learning how to take sunset silhouette pictures ;) I miss you and Drew and that awesome sunny day SO much!

  8. i second what JJ said.

    also...another NorCal favorite things party, please.

  9. I wish I could see fast six again too. So much fun.

  10. Good for you to feel at peace during the chaos! Our lives are upside down and feeling so chaotic. Doors have opened all over and I know that we haven't had a door close, but it feels like it. I am praying for peace. He has this. I wish that NorCal knew that the door should be opening for us....with a yellow brick road to show us the way...

  11. I love that you love the Fast & Furious movies like I do :) I might be tempted to buy all of them so I CAN watch them over & over...