Where do I even begin?
Perhaps with the fact that I didn't take a single picture?
Even with my phone?
It was that much fun.
Cupcakes and cameras and crafts and new friends and no crazy people (which means that either Drew or I were the crazy ones) and so much more.  
(All pics swiped from Drew.)
 Or maybe I should start with our camp mascot the creeptastic Bob the bobcat, who is a whole insane story in itself.  SO GOOD.  Erin saved the day and let us borrow Bob.  I mean look at him.  To meet him alone is a reason to come.
Or the deer photobooth.

The food.
The adorable swag bags.
The campers who came joyfully ready to learn, who weren't scared of the crazy power tools that I made them use, or my crazy children who they got to use their new camera skills on.
The day was dreamy and packed full of so many happy things.
Drew has a way of unlocking the mystery in the seemingly impossible quest to shoot busy kids in different light on that scary manual setting on a DSLR.  
It's magic.
While half of the new friends were out shooting, the other half hung out with me listening to me ramble about nonsense such as Fast Six, as I tried to keep my dorkiness at bay. All the while they made two rad projects that involved wielding a nail gun, drill, paint, and a glue gun that might be the same temperature as hot lava.

As the day concluded and we ate dinner together, we all were a little sad that the day was over.
A lot sad.
I am so thankful for each and every one of the campers.  Who came and spent the day with Drew and I, and were part of our crazy little dream.
They will always be our first campers and that is so very special to us.
I miss them and I want to go back and do that day.

Drew put together a little movie with some of the highlights of the day.
Even Bob the Bobcat gets his big moment.

We had the raddest sponsors who spoiled each of the campers.
So thankful for each of them.

We are planning our next one in summer and registration opens next week.
I cannot wait!!!
Come join us.
It is the best kind of fun.


  1. Loved it, loved you. In truth I came to meet you, who I have adored for forever and a day, you were even lovelier than I had imagined. That whole day was so special, Thankyou for making it so great! I'm sad I can't fly up for every one:)Ps, I hope you liked fast 6, I loooooved it!

  2. looks suuuuper fun. great job, ladies! would love to make it one of these days :)

  3. I love when God makes a dream in your heart come true. Good job dreaming big, lady. Can't wait to watch God bless you and all those who get to come! :)

  4. Dude.... wow. That would be so amazing. I'll dream about it tonight :)

  5. Crikey! So jealous of all the first time campers. I need to figure out some satellite version of Camp Momtog where you and Drew fly out to NC and it happens at my beach house. Looks amazing. DREAM BIG!