1.  Kate.  She is sunshine and love and grace and beauty.  The type of person that makes your life so much better with just a smile and her kind and generous words.  Her family is growing through the gift of adoption, and I along with some of my favorite people have made printables to help defray the mounting costs.  Will you join in prayer with us as they work to bring their son home, and consider donating to the adoption fund? {Click here for all of the details.}

2.  Mary.  Her IG feed inspires me daily.  Her life shines grace.  Her new shop is everything.  As in I want everything.  One hundred of everything.  One day she and I will sit at a table, eating, crafting, chatting.  Someday.

3.  Runtastic.  I recently ditched MapMyRun in place of Runtastic.  It automatically syncs your workouts to MyFitnessPal, so I no longer have to guess what speed/ calories/ time.  More accurate tracking means more accurate cupcake eating. (I have the free version.  I am a huge fan of not buying apps.)

4.  Mel's Oreo cupcakes.  Make them.  I made a chocolate version with triple chocolate cake mix, and chocolate cream Joe Joes.  Then I had a hot date with Runtastic.  Because CHOCOLATE.

5.  Bake it Pretty's cupcake icing set.  HELLO.  I wanted this forever, but just couldn't throw down the money.  Then I was gifted it for my birthday and ohmygoodness it has changed everything.  I used to use Wilton frosting tips and a Ziploc bag, because I thought that washing a pastry bag would be a huge hassle.  (It's actually really easy.)  Anyway, I have never frosted cupcakes faster or prettier.  It is worth the investment, as well as the perfect gift for your cupcake loving friends.  Or self.

6.  This song.  It just makes me happy.  And I want to learn to play the banjo.  Not kidding.

7.  My hard working marathon runner.  So proud of her.

8.  Taking a mental health break to give Jessica a mental health break.  So good.  So needed.  Friendship, therapy and pretzel crack.

9.  This letter to me.  To you.  For days that look like this.  Or days when you feel like this. (Mascara alert.)

10.  Prepping for our annual Aqua Apron Sisters' Mother's Day Brunch.  Cannot wait.  Celebrating our moms is my favorite.

11.  Gatsby.  Tomorrow night.  At the fancy movie theater.  I have been waiting since 2010 for this.  That is a looooooooong time.


  1. um, hi, blog stalker here. (i feel like i always see your posts right when they post)

    please bring that frosting gig up in july. we must use.

    downloading runtastic immediately. the syncing is MUCHO necessario.

    so are cupcakes.
    i've been craving one ever since we talked about Sprinkles.

    and gatsby. leo.
    he and i have been in a long time love affair since, i dont know, forever.
    i need to plan my date night with him.

    1. cancel that. just remembered i won a $10 credit to their store from hannah back in 2011. (thank you gmail for saving everything). 10% off code is, get this, SPRINKLES.

      hello $7.50 cupcake beautifier.

      you just made my life.

  2. My daughter and I just had a dance fest to the music. My dad plays the banjo, mandolin and guitar. My sister plays the fiddle. I play nothing! My dad and sister play in a folk band and they play a lot of gospel. Listening to this reminded me how much I miss going to see them perform.

  3. SO I just got informed of this awesome Universal Pictures pre-screener available in select cities for F&F 6 next week. (a week EARLY) and it's free. free & free. 2 tickets can be requested per e-mail address.
    the link. If that doesn't work got to hip2save.com and scroll through until you see the fast and furious free screening thing. AMAZING!

  4. Ohhhhhh, that bake it pretty cupcake icing set! I use the wilton tips in a ziplock, too. Too late for Mother's Day, but maybe Christmas!

    I made a variation of those oreo cupcakes this weekend. to.die.for!

  5. Love mental heath breaks and love seeing your little run! How fantastic!

  6. That letter was for reals written just for me and I cried off all of my mascara. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. thank you for always introducing me to the sweetest blogs/people and the loveliest shoppes! happy friday!

  8. I love reading your blog. I hope you have the most wonderful Mother's Day. And thank you so much for sharing #9. Amazing.

  9. The fact that I made your 'things I like' list makes me smile my face off. I feel the need to get in the car, drive to CA, clean your house and hug your face off. The end.

  10. did you know that i had a cupcake business for a month.

  11. Thank you for sharing number 5, my piping bag recently died after many years of practise while piping some particularly thick strawberry milkshake frosting. Definitely going to be investing in one of those!