1.  I made this list old school style in my cute new notebook while sitting in the cafe at Ikea, drinking free coffee, alone, waiting for the showroom to open.  Friday is normally date day, but Jason was at Catalyst so I had a much overdue by yo'self day.  Best.  I also showed extraordinary restraint in once again not buying this turquoise cart that is taunting me.

2.  Drew has reserved a special spot at Camp Mom*tog for a deserving mama.  We are so excited to be able to extend a scholarship.  For details on how to apply, click here.

3.  My friend Heather is heading to South Africa this summer and she is rad.  What is not rad, is me standing on a bed filled with mountains of laundry, in a room too small for my lens, trying to take a picture for her support letter.  I don't know how Drew makes it seem so effortless.  I was a hot mess, and we resorted to taking the picture with an iphone instead.

4.  Lulu took this sweet picture.  "Look mama- they make a heart."  That girl.

5.  I spent last week off the grid social media wise.  It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  I missed texting, but I enjoyed the quiet.  I think it is good for your mind and soul to take a break once and a while.

6.  We are in a season of great change.  This print, so beautiful, this quote, so true, so wise.  Uncertainty and change is not my favorite, but I know that nothing is surprising to God, and He is in all of it, even when we have no idea what it is.  I am leaning into that.  And freaking out a little.  But still leaning.

{This month's shirt from Mightee Kids.  Love everything about them.}

7.  This sweet girl.  My clone.  She just won the speech meet at her school.  This is such a big deal in so many ways.  She had significant developmental and speech delays as a baby, and toddler, and received speech, occupational, and physical therapy.  She is a testament that early intervention is beneficial, and works.  If you are wondering if your little one could benefit from early therapy, the answer is yes.  Seek an assessment to see if they qualify through your state's early intervention programs.  Do it.  Today.  You won't regret it.

9.  The lashes.  Are you kidding me?????  It is so unfair.

10.  I know that people looooooove red velvet.  I can't deal.  Since I am sort of off sugar (again) I needed to make a dessert and chose to make these cookies so I wouldn't be tempted one little bit.  Fun fact:  mesh tea strainers make amazing powdered sugar sifters.  Another fun fact:  if your baby eats one of the red velvet cookies, and perhaps is spending the next day with his grandparents, perhaps mention to them that he consumed a heck of a lot of food coloring, so they aren't stressed and traumatized when they change his diaper.  RED DYE.  So much red dye.

11.  I picked up this beauty at the flea market and my big girls are obsessed.  They are writing story after story.  I just have to figure out where in the world one purchases replacement ribbon...


  1. i have no idea where you got the will power to walk away from amazing aqua cart! i've been eyeing it for a bit too. i on the other hand am just choosing not to go to ikea. that's all the will power i possess!
    happy day!

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  3. SO awesome about Halley! Isn't it just like God to take something that was a weakness and make it a strength and redeem the early difficulties? <3

    I have tried and tried to like red velvet but I just can't. Then I figured it's probably good to have a sweet that I DON'T like :)

  4. the turquoise cart is taunting me, sticking it's tongue out at me, and yelling "neener neener neener!" i'm afraid to go to ikea because i am sure my resolve will fail. better to avoid temptation... i'm telling myself that it isn't available online, because that would totally undo all of my temptation-avoidance :)

  5. Two Things...

    1) I am totally with you on the red velvet issue. Just ick.
    2) I am so proud of your speech contest winner! And totally encouraged! My 6 year old has had TONS of the same therapies and we aren't at speech contest ability yet, but one day he may just succeed like your Halley! A thousand times awesome!!!

  6. I bought replacement ribbon for my typewriter on Amazon. It works perfectly. :)

  7. I love the nail color in the first pic.

  8. Congrats to your beautiful clone!
    Times they are a changin'.
    Praying for peace with the extra leaning your doing.
    PS- I think the sunset heart pic is going to be a new must for beach vacation pics.


  9. how wonderful about your sweet girl! God is so so so so SO good!
    and i have NO idea how you left ikea without that cart.
    none whatsoever.

  10. thank you for sharing about early childhood intervention. i didn't even know it existed until i started working for them! such a great program and i don't think enough people know about them. have a great week!

  11. #7 is Truth! My daughter went through early intervention for social, speech and occupational delays and I am forever grateful!! What a wonderful accomplishment for you girlie!! Cute notebooks are the best :)

  12. not buying the aqua cart = AMAZING will power!
    baby boys + their lashes = lady killer!!
    i just signed levi up for early intervention for speech... maybe one day we will understand what he is saying?!
    i like your heart... like really, really like it.

  13. I want that turquoise cart too! I resisted last time I was at Ikea, not sure I will be able to next time I go! Great job at the speech meet.

  14. Your Lulu is quite the photographer! That picture is lovely! :-) and I adore that typewriter!

  15. I love all your honest words. Your heart beats in the best ways for truth, and so so much love!! I totally hear you with the social media break. I was wrote about it and my struggle with facebook. And ikea, my budgetary kryptonite. Glad you had a day all by yo'self, you deserve it mama!!

  16. believe it or not . . . I have never stepped foot in an IKEA store. The nearest is about 8 hours away and has only been open there for about a year.
    HOWEVER, after reading your post and looking at the link. I will be the proud owner of a turquoise kitchen cart as soon as it arrives at my door.
    Zero willpower today for me ;)

  17. We were at IKEA last Sunday and I almost left with that cart. I'm dying to own it now that I want everything in my house to be turquoise. DYING.

    I love that early therapy helped your beauty. Yay and congrats to her!

    What IS IT with red velvet?! I get that it's chocolate, but why on earth would you disguise it with red dye?! I so so don't get it.

    1. The need for the dye when making it is because of the cocoa powder. Conceived during WWI or II (history failure) due to the lack of chocolate but someones desire for a chocolate cake. With out the dye it would not look very appetizing as it would be a dullish gray/brown color. Thus the need for red food coloring :)

  18. oh girl I'm right there with you in a great season of change!! we finally decided to sale our what I thought was our forever homer! moving, downsizing striping it down to bare bones! crazy thing is we close on June 21st, we have nothing were going to!! we out an offer on a older house I love love love but they said no! they didn't like the close date in June! wow I have no alternative house ideas, my heart was set on that one...but I'm learning God has bigger plans so I'm giving up my crazy control issues to let the balls fall where they may! it will work out no matter how sick i am of hearing that I think it will ;). off to order this print...it is my life right now!! I <3 your blog!

  19. Try office depot for your replacement typewriter ribbon. That's where I get mine:)

  20. Oh, and you need that cart. I need that cart too.

  21. 1. love your sweet, simple blog look these days
    2. that turquoise cart. oh my.
    3. how do you know if your child needs speech therapy? i guess i should ask google??

  22. What is it with that cart? It is haunting me lately. It will be mine.

    Also, please share your nailpolish color. I love that we share a love for all things aqua/turquoise/teal.