My friend Lena has a giant heart for the world and she is about to wear some major tread off of her running shoes.  Doing something beautiful.

At the end of this month she will be walking 50 miles in two days to raise money for Acres of Love.
(Two days.  Sort of puts the miles I have been clocking each month into tiny perspective.)

Rad, right?

They even are training in the rain.
Know who stays in bed when it rains?  ME.  Told you Lena and her crew were rad.

Here is a little about what and why Lena is doing this in her own words:

I have recently been impacted by the extraordinary work being done by Acres of Love, an organization whose purpose is to save the lives of children abandoned or orphaned as a result of the AIDS pandemic in Johannesburg, South Africa. 
Babies thrown out with the trash, infants and toddlers abandoned in open fields, some left crying and alone on the side of the road, preemies abandoned in hospitals with no one to touch their tiny hand or stand by their incubator while they fight for life: these have been the beginnings of some of the children Acres of Love has been privileged to welcome into forever families.  Today, over 250 children are living happier, healthier lives in Acres of Love Forever Homes because someone saw the value of a child’s life and chose to act.  Working tirelessly each day, Acres of Love is putting Christ’s love into action.

Lena gave me this beautiful quote to make a little printable with to help raise money.
How could I not?

It is available now along with so many other unique handmade items in her Etsy shop And Be Glad In It.  
100% OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE will be donated to Acres of Love to fund Forever Homes in South Africa for orphaned and abandoned infants and children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. 

Lena's Shop HERE
Print available HERE
More information about Acres of Love HERE

One Comment

  1. This is so awesome! I am an adoptive Mom of 2 Zulu baby boys. Both abandoned. Both bought home to their forever family. I live in South Africa and am so blessed to see you sharing this venture that your friend embarked on.So many people over seas do not realize that South Africa is infact the HIV/AIDS and orphan capital for the world. and we often get passed up for other countries when it comes to fund raising and publicity.
    I minister to homeless girls, street children and prostitutes here in Durban. Helping them to step out of their situation and into the fullness that God created them for.Helping them to find real jobs so that they can care for their babies rather than abandon them.

    So on behalf of those mothers who struggle to care for their babies and those who are caring for the little ones who need their forever families a HUGE big THANK YOU!
    Have a wonderful day.
    V x