What else would you make for a brinner party dessert?
I mean really?

The menu:
Maple bacon cupcakes

Yes please.
Perfect for a girls night.
Especially since zero husbands could wrap their heads around or even try the bacon cupcakes.
Isn't bacon totally man food?

So weird.
But hooray.  More for us ladies.

Cupcake recipe from the adorable April of Gingerbread Blog
Maple buttercream adapted from this recipe.
Bacon baked in the oven via my homegirl Martha.
Seriously, even if you never make bacon cupcakes, PLEASE start baking your bacon in the oven.
I am not kidding.  Especially if you are a freak about your bacon being perfectly crispy, not creepy, not burnt.  Just crispy.  Pretty tricky on the stovetop. 
Pretty awesome and easy in the oven.
Perfectly even and flat.
Game changer.
I have been wanting a cute cupcake pedestal for a while.
Especially one of these from Aedriel Orginals.
But sometimes you just need to make do with what you have.
Especially if you have an orphaned saucer from The Great Cabinet Crash of 2010, that needed a new life.

Here's a quick how to...
Wouldn't it be a great gift?
I think yes.


Dollar store candlestick
Spray paint

Prime, spray, glue, done.

Make cupcakes.
Bake bacon.
Rig up a pedestal.

Link up your Pinterest adventures.
(Even a week or two late...)


  1. Those cupcakes look amazing! And I love the pedestal idea. I too have a glass candlestick and orphaned saucer but never considered putting them together for extreme cuteness. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. needed a simple DIY project to make my soul feel good and that cake stand is just the thing!
    thanks for the cuteness & deliciousness!

  3. Did the frosting taste like maple. Had some mb cupcakes in Seattle and they were a little disappointing because you couldn't taste the maple.

  4. awww you said im adorable....swoon.
    Love you more...

  5. I can't believe it--that you suggested baking bacon BECAUSE I just made bacon in the oven for the very first time eva in my life!! It was freakin' fantastic!! Why didn't I do this sooner??? I asked myself. Bacon comes our P-E-R-F-E-C-T. And because I am a freak about greasy messes (and messes in general) I put foil on a baking sheet and there is no mess. Just throw the foil away with all the messy drippings. This is revolutionary fir me and I daresay has changed my life. Love your posts-ALWAYS you make me smile. You are so freakin ' funny and sweet all at the same time.

  6. Can I just tell you that the great cabinet crash sent me into a total crazy person every time I have a fully stocked cabinet or pantry. Right after I unload the clean dishes into the cabinets I'm a wreck until the next day. I go to bed playing that scene over in my head.

  7. girrrrrrrl...yeah, yeah, cupcakes, bacon, pedestal...that's all fine cute, but, seriously...that recipe book, THAT'S bangin'...please let that thing be the subject of your next post...<3
    thanksh, kerry

  8. I'm not gonna lie... not sure if I could ever get my head around trying a bacon cupcake either. hehe. It sure looks pretty though. Love the pedestal though, and I just may have copy your rad style, and make one myself.

  9. Thanks for making it and baking it. Bacon it. I want. Also, I like your non stretched, non-greasy liners.

  10. Made the girly brunch bake and it blew my family's minds! : ) Hubby wants those bacon cupcakes next time!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I learned to bake bacon from your mom. She's rad.