V-8 drinking,
(Room temp only.  Her favorite.  She is weird.)


 soccer playing,

 sister cheering,

 sunset swinging,

baby bathing,

Phew.  Still haven't caught up with our new school/ soccer/ crazytown/ schedule.
I miss summer.
A lot a lot a lot.


  1. That V-8 is enough to make me queasy! But the rest of the pictures of your kids make it better!

  2. I think that boy is going to be big by the looks of his feet!

  3. V-8 has been my favorite since I was about her age too! From the bottle? Blech. Has to be from the can. There's something about that metal with the tomato. Yum! And don't ever sneak in the tasteless low-sodium version.

    Good for her!

  4. I know you've said it on here before, but my 1 week postpartum baby brain can't remember what app you use to write on your instagram photos...care to share again??

  5. Hi! I'm visiting from InstaFriday. The cheesecake making looks delicious and I love the swinging photo and the "Be my everything" sign!

  6. I hear ya on the schedule. I have 2 playing soccer on two teams and my oldest daughter is playing Flag Football. We have 4 days in a row of practices!! We will be smarter next season :)