This is me.
Every single person in the house is napping.
At the same time.
Husband included.
Blame it on a 4:45 a.m. alarm and walking over five miles on a crazy boiling hot day at Disneyland.

Back to me.
I don't nap.
Naptime is too precious to waste sleeping.
Naptime is for babies, and preschoolers, and kids, and husbands.
Naptime is not for me.

My naptime means a quiet house.
Dave Matthews on the headphones.
Brownies in the mixing bowl.
Not just brownies.
I don't love brownies.
I love cupcakes.  I love cake.  I love cookies.  I love cheesecake.

I just like sort of like brownies.

But these brownies, these brownies are different.  I want to take them to prom.

Make them.  Today.  Seriously.
{I heart naptime's thin mint brownies}
You will love them.
Even more than Pioneer Woman's knock you naked brownies.
For reals.
But you can't take them to prom.  They already have a date.

Yes.  Mine have white frosting.  Not minty green.  The minty green ones are way cuter.  Weird, dramatic, me and my food coloring issues just couldn't deal with it.  Then again, maybe I should have made them green.  If they were green, I could totally resist them.  But then I would be home alone and forlorn on prom night and that would be super sad.

I also used half & half in the frosting instead of evaporated milk, because if you are going to be bad, be really bad.

Run along.  It's brownie time.


  1. oh ya know..since i'm doing #100daysofrealfood i really didn't need to know about these today...or for the next 95 or so days.

  2. great now im dead so dead;)and your headphones pure radnessss:)

  3. oh my goodness. those look to.die.for!

  4. Ha, I'm so like that about naps too. It's like I really, really, really want to take one. But I feel like I'm wasting my alone time! :-)

  5. this post brought a smile to my face.
    So true. Naptime really is too precious to waste.
    I need to buy some teal headphones...

  6. you shouldn't have. because now i'll make them to chase away the hubby-gone blues. and i'll eat all of them. then i'll dedicate my next 1,567 mile run to you, to make-up for the damage.

  7. i LOVE that pic of you!
    and i love this recipe.
    i cannot nap either.
    too much to do!

  8. I can hear these brownies call my name! Cannot resist!

  9. your totally cute.
    and these look delicious.

  10. they look yummy!!
    have a happy day julie

  11. HAHA!! You are too cute and funny :) You've NEVER steered me wrong for a dessert recipe so I will be making these..ASAP! And ditto on the brownie thing, I'm a cupcake or cookie girl.

  12. I'm fairly certain we called these "Nanimo Bars" where I grew up, whatever they are called, yum!

  13. You are killing me! These look devine! I tried the knock you naked brownies and while good I don't know if I would make them again.

  14. You are hilarious! I <3 your picture, you sneaky girl! So when it is quiet in the house, you blog, cook and listen to music! AWESOME! I think (know) I would've taken a nap, too! SO gonna try these! I saw you at Walmart w/kids in tow and my daughter thought I was stalking you like a rock star, which I think you are! hugs!

  15. You are too funny! I am totally the same way about naptime:-) I'll have to try those scrumptious treats!

  16. Oh dear, I must try these asap! Your recipes always end up being favorites around here. I finally got around to making your toffee crack a couple weeks ago and made them 3 times in a week and linked to your recipe on my blog as soon as I tasted them! Dangerous to have around! I shared, I swear! Haha