Monday, August 27, 2012

iPhone 5!!!!

I cannot wait!!!!
Total game changer.
Seriously, my cupcake photos will be a whole new level of epic.
Then I will eat them and my feelings.


  1. HA!! I love it! I remember listening to some guy talk about how he created Twitter or maybe it was Facebook (this was NPR, so I'm not sure WHO it was.) He said the first thing he talked about was what he ate for breakfast so his mom would know he was alive/healthy/doing well. The interviewer responded, "That was you? You're the one who started all the people talking about what they are eating." He was like, "Yep."

    He SO could use the iPhone 5.

  2. My husband sent that to me last week & I cracked up laughing. So funny! And so true!

    that was so funny.

  4. I got really excited for a minute. Hilarious!

  5. Oh my gosh-- that was awesome! I was laughing so hard I was crying! Thanks for making my Monday. :)


  6. YES! I posted this on my Facebook last week! I still do not have a "smart" phone- guess that makes me the lucky one, huh?! :)

  7. all of us cracking up over here - husband, 4 kids, including the 5 year old. I just realized the other night that our children have no concept of life without iphones, when they couldn't grasp the fact that "there was no such thing" as cell phones when mom and dad were kids. not sure whether to be happy or scared about this ....


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