Summer.  Sunshine.  Sand.
Instagram style.

 When he is home, all is right with the world.

 Lazy cookies for dayzzzzz.
I ate zero.  Sad face.

 Hard times on the compound.
She's drinking for her homies that stayed back for VBS.

 Giving the cow the standard Shane stinkeye.

 Funiculars are FUN!

 Every day.

 Giving me the standard DRAMAAAAAA.




 Steve Rogers is his homeboy.

 Freedom = letting small children play with fire.

 Four kids.  One cart.  My cardio for the day is done.

 Cute printables make friends moving away easier, right? 


Vintage awesomeness.

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  1. I can't be trusted around anything peanut butter and chocolate. Mad props to you and your self control for not eating any. My hero!

  2. I love this times a billion zillion, my baby eats sand for dinner, and that cart kills I sometimes make all 5 of mine go in the cart jut for kicks:)

  3. I don't know how we lived in San Clemente for 7 years and didn't know about the Funicular. Now I have something new to add to our summer list. : )

  4. i was all, free printable of a rectangle on stripes? ha, then i saw the link. LOVE that link.
    btw, cute sandals in action!!

  5. i love all your pictures! i am going to Bass Lake this up coming weekend! i can't wait.

  6. Ha! Love that one where you put Shane in focus -- his little "O" of a mouth reminds me of the commercial -- "Let me show you my shocked face." LOL!! Such a doll! (Which I know you know, and tire of hearing. But, I just have to admire him, since I can't have any of my own! :) )

  7. My youngest is 5. He has more drama than any of the other 3 (2 girls and a boy) ever did. And he shrieks like a girl! Ready for that phase to be over. My parents have the Star Wars case full of my brother's old figures at their house. It is fabulous! Too bad about my brother's Landspeeder that got squashed in the great garage door incident of 1978!

  8. Great pics as usual! We have (and love) the Darth Vader case.

    Hopefully your Target will get the new style multi-kid carts soon- much easier to push!

  9. That vintage Star Wars case is awesome. You're kiddies are too ; )