Playing catchup.
Buying more sunscreen.
So sad that I'm not in Bass Lake right now.
Loving the lazy days.

 The only thing that makes me less sad that as each day passes, summer is getting shorter?
Come August I will get to use my Much Ado About You Planner.

 Best hat in the history of hats.
(Target boy's section.)

 These two.  
My fave.

Every day is a good day for Pedros.
I think I need this picnic table in my life.

 Best beach hair in the history of hair.
(But most days it may or may not resemble a clown wig...)

 Love each of them.
In their wildly different ways.

Mess with his food and he will CUT YOU.

One day in high school a few friends started a band.
Still friends.  Still in a band.  
With a lot of small fans.

 Eggs for dayzzz around here.  We need chickens.  
Without the having to take care of chickens part.

 Dark chocolate Pillsbury cake mix plus this peanut butter buttercream.
You're welcome.

Homegoods.  You kill me.

If only we could do this all day.  Every day.


I love Heather and Alissa almost as much as he loves food.

 Dude.  So loving this new sleeping roll he is on.

 Kara-Noel should totally give me this sign, right?
Hello, we had In-N-Out at our WEDDING!!!

Follow the rainbow brick road.

So good.


 Obsessed with the water.

 His and her magazine date at B&N, all part of our zero dollar summer entertainment plan. 

 Another little kindergartner graduates.  Now she can become a productive member of society.

I'm only two miles away from 40.
Like whoa.


 New adventures.

 New dramaaaaaaa.

 Bottomless pit.

 The littlest 40 milers.

Rolling in a GoPod, borrowed from a friend, and both ridiculous/ frivolous/ and awesome.  
He took a full ten minutes off from the eating handfuls of sand.

What is your summer like so far?


  1. I love yours posts-your pictures always make me smile and your comments about baby Shane crack me right up("mess with his food and he will CUT YOU!").
    Our summer is shaping up to be a busy one. Girls are in swimming lessons(so there are no drownings to be reported, thank you Jesus)and the little one goes back to gymnastics(her "spiritual gift"...haha) soon. We're planning a summer vacation road trip with the girls(all you southern girls give me ideas!)and prepping for our first trip to Central America in two months! Lots going on..God is goo(ALL the time!)
    Can you tell I love to overuse exclamation points?

  2. Love your family ~~ so real yet so cool!!!

  3. love the cuddling with blankie picture. adorable.

  4. It is so crazy how much your kids remind me on mine...I am pretty sure its the eyes, but I dont even have kids in our family that look as much alike tooo funny :)
    Annika -

    Sienna (now she is 4)

    Gage (now 8)

  5. Love these photos! Thanks for sharing bits of your life with us. Hubby and I used to live in central CA (Hanford) and spent bunches of time fishing at Bass Lake. We're in northern AZ now and love it here but miss the CA coast and lakes a lot!


  6. Thanks for the peek into your summer. Your son is getting so big so quickly. Love that picnic bench.

  7. OMGoodness. The drama, those eyes, sweet girls... summer is awesome!

  8. I am going to Bass Lake, next month with our friends! i can't wait, then i am going in August again with my family.

  9. u are my fav! I'm so jealous of where u live. We are planning to do a lot of family long weekends together. We live close to Niagara Falls so we are heading out there one weekend. I'm going to train to run 5 K this summer and I also want to learn how to make a quilt. I guess I have to start with the learning how to sew first. Man I have a lot to do this summer! Thanks for inspiring me! Always!!!!

  10. Fun photos! "Another little kindergartner graduates. Now she can become a productive member of society." Gave this unschooling mama a chuckle. ;) Way to go on your 40 miles goal!! I'm working on some goals of my own in the exercise/health dept. Of course love the rainbow brick road too! Have an awesome summer; looks like a great start!

  11. I have to ask! How do you have time for everything? I'm a new mom, my son is 4 months and I feel like I don't have time for anything!

    How do you keep up this blog? Make cute stuff? Cook? Clean? ETC ETC??

  12. so far... two weeks at my parents lake house skiing, knee boarding, tubing, playing with cousins and one day of vbs. to come... back to the lake house, family reunion in the mountains of nc, basketball ball camp for first born, back to the lake house with friends, pool party, and 13th birthday for niece. that gets us to the end of july. hmmm, wondering where summer homework will fit in?