{Hi Shauna.  Your frames are my fave.}

 {On the day that Janey is finally tall enough to visit Smaland, Halley is too tall.  Blergh.}

 {$1 soft serve helped diffuse the drama.}

 {My in-laws have the best backyard.}

 {Leslie, thank you for sharing your words and your heart.}

 {April it was so fun to see your during your Left Coast adventures.}

{It's a hard knock life for our little talent show girl.}

 {Michaels.  Yep.  They have a date with spray paint.}

{To the lady who gives this gringa the stinkeye when I ask for ten hot sauce packets for one burrito.  It's legit yo.}

{Baby Simba made a surprise visit to the youth group talent show.
Ashley, your hats never disappoint.}


Have a fun weekend.
Go outside. 
In a fancy gown.
Find treasures.
With a friend.

life rearranged


  1. :) Ok. I'll find a gown and go outside, just for you!

  2. Ok. I will go find a gown and go outside just for you :)

  3. That frame is happening this weekend. At my house. So let it be said, so let it be done!

  4. i love your blog and your posts. they are always so real, so filled with gratitude, true joy and passion for life. thank you for sharing bits of you through this land. :) ><>

  5. Your kids are THE stinking cutest. And I'm dying over that fabric on the frame. Fun, fun!

  6. so freakin' true about the Pedro's best.ever.taco sauce.packets. why do they have to be so stingy when you ask for more? and more? and more?

  7. oh man. I'm so glad that i know you love me or i'd be super embarrassed right now about my dumb confession....my frames really are the best.

  8. So many wonderful photos, couldn't pick a favorite. Love the last paragraph!