Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta-friday week 21

It's been a
 Pot luck-ing,

 Eight celebrating,

 Food begging,

 Fast and Furious watching,
(It never gets old, and I might have even watched it by myself.)

 Sand eating, 

 Curly curling,

 Summer craving,

Open house-ing,

Epic battling,

super fun week.

Link up your happy little moments.
life rearranged


  1. And you just convinced me to make Pam's cheesecake, twist my arm....

  2. I love the table scape you have in that first picture. And the squirrel shirt

  3. Love the fast and furious tucked in there. totally fits in with all the crafting, baking, kid bday stuff.
    And did you see - $155 to Compassion and mostly cuz you sent so many peeps my way. Thank you!

  4. Sith vs Clone Troopers? I'd pay to watch that!

  5. You guys make the most beautiful babies. Seriously.

  6. I have a couple of cheesecake ?'s since you've made this before - the 'small tub' of sour cream - 8 oz size, correct?

    and how much whipping cream and sugar do you end up using for the whipping cream since she suggests a couple of amounts? I am a total recipe 'follower' and not an 'improviser' type person as you can tell :)


  7. HAVE YOU SEEN IT YET?! Pic Monkey is now doing collage!!!!! WOOHOO! FINALLY! Can you tell I'm excited. Hahaha. Love the beach pics, gorgeous. Have a brilliant weekend! xx

  8. Your family is beautiful. I love Fast and Furious! Watch it every time it is on - it never gets old!!

  9. Look at bald baby's hair! Those are some amazing curls! Shirley Temple's got nothing on that little beauty!

  10. cheesecake - yum; squirrels - love; drumming hubby - awesome; shane's eyes - die!

  11. Fast and Furious?? Really?

    ....I guess I still love you.

  12. woop woop! I am so excited you posted the cheesecake recipe. I wanted to ask when I saw the cart pic on instagram. I can't wait to make it. Thanks!


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