1. Perfection. In more ways than one.

  2. gorgeous picture! he sure created a masterpiece didn't he? i was reading your post a couple down where you talked about maxi dresses. my daughter loves them too and i was having a hard time finding them for her. i googled them and found some on zulily.com. i paid $30 for three of them...including shipping! they range from about 7-10 dollars. i ordered them about a month ago but you may check just to see. i searched maxi dresses on zulily so i didn't have to wade through each brand's sales. good luck!

    1. My favorite grade school teacher grew up in Southern Ca. Coming from a "holler" in WV, I didn't understand the simple beauty she always described to us...I have a feeling the view in this photograph was what she was trying to convey!


      ~Beth from WV